5 steps to SIL the deal and grow your business. Whatever the business. My love story with her, my forbidden fruit.

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The first time I saw her, it was an instant hit. My heart was beating as never before. I could feel my whole body tickling.

Is it love at first sight? I wondered. Everything in her gave me satisfaction. The way she looks at me makes me happy. I am just happy when she is by my side.

Then I had the courage to ask her out. And now we are sharing some moments together. We are even building memories with all the trips we are doing.

With her, I have been able to build the longest relationship so far in my life. Yes, she is still with me in 2021 while we met in 2013.

She is always surprising me each year. She renews her garderobe every year. When I look at her today, I feel like she has not aged at all.

I always take care of her. And she does the same for me. She has helped me grow, learn. We have laughed together, cried together.

The more time I spend with her, the more our relationship grows. I feel like she has contributed to my life in her own unique way.

She is Maze, my Macbook Pro Retina 13-inch from late 2013.

And since then, she is still amazing to me, my Maze.

In this article, I will share my love relationship with Maze, from Apple. Before you go and say that another story from an Apple fanatic, just hear me out.

First I am not an Apple fanatic. Yes, I did own a personal iPhone 3G model when it went out. And recently I got an iPhone 7 as a business phone.

However, since I ditched my iPhone 3G in 2013, I have always had an Android phone. I am currently using the OnePlus 8 Pro as my personal phone. And I am loving it. At work, we are using Windows laptops.

Yet when it comes to user experience, software updates, and system stability, I just ride with Maze, from Apple.

And our story is built upon 3 levels of relationship that Maze’s father, Apple is the master in:

Before I share with you the 5 steps to build with your customers the same relationship as I have with Maze, let’s just elaborate on the above levels of relationships.

This is another golden circle. If you are not familiar with Simon Sinek’s golden circle, I invite you to watch the video below. The best 20 minutes of your day, guaranteed.

The way Apple build relationships with their customers like me can be portrayed in a similar golden circle:

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, LEVEL 1 — In every relationship, satisfaction is the external sign and the first step to making it great.

When I interact with Maze, it is just there. She is responsive. She is beautiful with her interface. She does what I ask for. I know that when I want to create content, she will give me the best means to do so.

Apple always makes sure that they build the best products to satisfy their customers.

CUSTOMER INTIMACY, LEVEL 2 — Once we are satisfied with the first interaction, we go back for more. This is where we are given what we need before we express what we want.

Maze always provides me with applications, software updates, ways to stay focused. She whispers into my ears some beautiful songs with her great voice. Her keyboard is soft, gentle, and responsive. That is just my Maze in a nutshell.

Apple has the capacity to give us what we need before even we know it. Steve Jobs has certainly a big part in this mindset.

CUSTOMER LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP, LEVEL 3 — No relationship is greater than the one we have with our best friends we have had since we were young. This is the kind of long, lasting bond that strengthens as time goes.

The more I spend time with Maze, the more I want to spend time with her likes. Apple has given me everything I need as a content creator. I have Final Cut Pro X for creating my videos. I have well-designed, beautiful applications to bring my ideas to life. It just works beautifully.

Apple has in its DNA to make you always come back. Indeed they first satisfy your need. Second, they do it before even you can express it. And by the time you realize it, you are all hooked in their eco-system.

2 things I want to highlight before we go further.

First I want to say that this is not a sponsored article from Apple. It is just my own unique experience with one of their products that fulfill my needs as a content creator.

Second, I know that Apple products are very expensive. I also know that they might be other companies with better products. I just like the vertical integration of their products.

Apple has their own unique way to make the hardware and the software sing in harmony. And I love the music I hear when Maze is singing.

Now we have seen how I developed a relationship with a machine that ended well Ex Machina).

You also can build the same experience in your business with your customers by following the 5 steps below:

1. Make your customer the VIP of all VIPs of your company — Your customer must be the VIP in chief of all your most Very Important People in your business. Without customers, there is no business. You have to build your products and services for your customers.

2. Make cour customer the cornerstone in all you do — Your customer must be present in your mind and in the mind of all the people creating values within your business. By having your customer’s wants in mind, you will build the products and services that they will buy.

3. Make sure that you know them better than their best enemies — To be able to provide your customers with their wants before they know it, you have to know their wants better than them. Always find ways to spend time with your customer when building a product or service for them.

4. Make sure you satisfy their needs before they express them — The best gifts are those we know we want, those we secretly put in our Amazon wishlist. The best friends are those who hack into our secret list and surprise us. Build products and services that surprise your customers.

5. Make sure to take care of them as if your business depends on it — Because it does. Your products and services must not just be seen as expenses to your customer. The best brands like Apple provide their customers with experiences each time their use their products.

“Don’t live your life through expenses. Live your life through experiences.

Expenses are just lightning strikes. Experiences are the real rays of sunshine.”


Apple has the 5 steps in every interaction they have with their customers.

When I interact with Maze, it brings me satisfaction. She gives me gifts at a level deeper than any other laptop out there. This is the reason why we are having a long term relationship.

What are you doing to satisfy your customers?

Are you intimate enough with your customers?

How loyal are your customers to you?

Leave a comment below.

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Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash



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