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My garage, somewhere in Toulouse, South of France, 2021

He has been sitting there for some time. Each time I enter, I can hear him scream.

I turn my head in the other direction. I can hear him suffocate.

I am here, you know,” he shouts.

Not today, sorry. Maybe tomorrow!” I mumbled to him as I was closing the door behind me.

I am cold, and there is no heat here. I will freeze to death.”, he begged.

Three months later…

“Just 10, you are kidding me, Dude?” he said with a smile on his face.

“Yep, Man…

Dominic Robinson from Bristol, UK — Banksy Girl and Heart Balloon

Before we talk about what NFT is, let’s talk about art.

The Banksyruptsy of the Girl With Balloon.

You are over the phone and you are excited to buy this amazing painting from the most mysterious artist in the world.

You relieve yourself from $1.4 million of dollars and you are excited about your new piece of art.

But the moment the deal is sealed, the piece of art starts shredding.

How would you feel?

This is a true story that happened at Sotheby’s, October 5th, 2018, in London, England.

The art piece is the Girl With Balloon and the artist is the famous Banksy.

You don’t…

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This is my spot!”, “Bazinga!”, are you familiar with those expressions?

If you are a fan of the TV Series, The Big Bang Theory, like me, then you have recognized some lines from Sheldon Cooper.

As humans, we love to tie things together in one united theory: this is what the big bang theory is trying to accomplish.

Sheldon is the science genius in TBBT (The Big Bang Theory), no doubt about it.

He can explain all the forces in the universe. Yet the fifth force is beyond his grip. It is that force that is propelling him forward.


Mamadou, Senegalese Tirailleur.

Perpignan, South of France, September 2000.

Here we are — my father and me at Perpignan train station.

We took the night train from Paris. As my first experience on a train, it was awful.

We took the economic class. The journey was 8 hours long.

Way too long for a first experience on a train.

I was excited about this new adventure in an unknown city. I was also a bit afraid.

Indeed one week after my arrival, my father left me alone in boarding school. …

Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash
Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash
Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash

Back in high school, I remember my first introduction to solving equations.

First, I learned how to solve a linear equation with one unknown “x.”

Some months after, our Math teacher gave us one equation with two unknown variables, “x” and “y.”

Then he sat back after asking us to solve the equation by finding a set of values (x, y) to fulfill the linear combination.

After 10 minutes of all the class struggling and going nowhere, he dropped the bomb on us.

You need as many equations as unknown variables to solve the system.”, said Mr. Diouf.

That’s it?”…

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Yes, you heard it right. We cannot have it both ways.

Before we dive into the Rolls Royce of life improvement, let’s do some spheres’ exploration.


Imagine that I give you two spheres.

And I raise the following request: Please fit the whole universe in those two spheres in the palm of your hands.

How would you react? Is it possible?

For most of us, this is an impossible task. Right?

Well, let me reframe the exercise.

If you were to split everything in your life, how many slices will you have?


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Often people ask me what my secret is for finding ideas for writing. Like all great magicians, I don’t want to share my secret.

I may write a whole article about it. Leave a comment below if you are interested to learn about it.

Yet, I can share one tip that has helped me capture my ideas on the fly. And we all have that magic basket in our pocket.

No, I am not talking about the old notebook in your pocket. That is so old school. I am just kidding!

I use the Google Keep app as I almost…

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Toulouse, France, Mars 2020.

Covid-19 is hitting hard France, and we are about to go to lockdown.

I ask myself what I can do to help my comrades and my family in Dakar, Senegal.

With some colleagues from the Airbus Africa Community, we did a quick meeting.

There is so much fake information out there. We need to provide people with a reliable source of data.

We are talking about putting their health in danger.

How can we provide reliable information?

Let’s set up a website where we gather all the verified information we can put together.

This is how…

© Ahmadou DIALLO

Did you see it? Look closer.

No, I am not talking about the flag of Senegal! I am talking about the typo “Non Stress” instead of “No Stress.”

I guess the person was under quite some stress while writing those exact words.

Before we talk about this picture, I want to make full disclosure.

I am no specialist in Senegal’s political, religious, economic, and social areas. I have not lived there for the past 20 years.

I left the country in 2000 and came to France. I have been living here since then.

As I have turned 40 this year…

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I love watching TV shows since I can remember being able to sit in front of a TV.

One of my best shows back then was Hunter. I loved the cars chasing and how Rick and Dee DEE were busting criminals.

Often in detective TV shows, you always have that moment. The detective tries to arrest a criminal, not as per the book.

Then he has to go to the commissioner’s office, where he is told how badly he has behaved. Then he has to give back his badge and his weapon.

Cutting to the next scene, Rick would take…

Ahmadou Diallo ✪

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