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“A plan is an ideal. A plan is not a blueprint.”

My #GranPa

I have always prided myself on being a (mad) man with a plan. Yet often, I have learned after many personal and professional failures that I can change plans.

A plan is an ideal to aim for. If I grow, if I acquire new information, I can change my plan.

There is no shame in that.


Often at work, I will try to discuss systemic racism. Often I feel like I am ignored.

Sometimes people pay attention just to be able…

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At work, I changed jobs and joined a new team. And each time, the story is the same.

“I thought you just graduated from school.”

“You look so young.”

Well, indeed, I have a Tardis and have just jumped between jobs since I was 25 years old.

Do you want to know my secret?

Here is a partial answer: Blacks don’t crack!

…and also the Tardis!

I am 40 years old. I have 2 kids of 2 years and 4 months as I am writing these lines.

My mind might try to dupe me into thinking that I am 25…

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If you are a content creator like me, you may have struggled to strike the right balance on your craft.

Indeed there are 3 forces involved. I call them the “Creator IKIGAI’’ diagram.


First, I am sure that you may have heard about looking for our true purpose in life.

No, this is not about the Golden circle or Simon Sinek and finding your purpose in life.

Most of us spend our life with the feeling that we are not on the right mission.

The Japanese have worked on that…

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We all have been there, especially men. We are driving, and we are lost.

We are listening to our best music, loudly.

And we don’t want to listen to our partner. We are lost, and we know it.

We just don’t want to admit it. And our ego doesn’t want to ask for help.

The first thing we do? Turn the music down to see more clearly.

Then we resolve to ask for directions.

This is a story of old thanks to our new driving assistant: our GPS — Global Positioning System.

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When I was a kid, I always wanted to learn the magic of flying. Not only that, I wanted to know the machinery behind the magic.

So I joined Airbus to try to get an overview of the whole process.

And I was pretty surprised when I got behind the scenes.

The process to build aircraft today, be it at Airbus, Boeing, or any other aircraft manufacturer, is not different from how many of us live our lives.

We can summarize the required steps with one hand.

I let it sink in.

That big beautiful bird built only in 5…

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“Such as are thy habitual thoughts, such also will be the character of thy mind; for the soul is dyed by the thoughts.”

Marcus Aurelius

At six years old, I moved from Korbé, Guinea (Conakry) to Dakar, Senegal, in West Africa.

I spent those early years in our village with my mother. The only language I understood was the Pular language.

Indeed I am from the pular community, and at Korbé, we only speak Pular.

I arrived at Dakar in 1986 to go to school.

I remember the early days at elementary school in “Collège Notre Dame Du Liban”, where…

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My garage, somewhere in Toulouse, South of France, 2021

He has been sitting there for some time. Each time I enter, I can hear him scream.

I turn my head in the other direction. I can hear him suffocate.

I am here, you know,” he shouts.

Not today, sorry. Maybe tomorrow!” I mumbled to him as I was closing the door behind me.

I am cold, and there is no heat here. I will freeze to death.”, he begged.

Three months later…

“Just 10, you are kidding me, Dude?” he said with a smile on his face.

“Yep, Man…

Dominic Robinson from Bristol, UK — Banksy Girl and Heart Balloon

Before we talk about what NFT is, let’s talk about art.

The Banksyruptsy of the Girl With Balloon.

You are over the phone and you are excited to buy this amazing painting from the most mysterious artist in the world.

You relieve yourself from $1.4 million of dollars and you are excited about your new piece of art.

But the moment the deal is sealed, the piece of art starts shredding.

How would you feel?

This is a true story that happened at Sotheby’s, October 5th, 2018, in London, England.

The art piece is the Girl With Balloon and the artist is the famous Banksy.

You don’t…

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This is my spot!”, “Bazinga!”, are you familiar with those expressions?

If you are a fan of the TV Series, The Big Bang Theory, like me, then you have recognized some lines from Sheldon Cooper.

As humans, we love to tie things together in one united theory: this is what the big bang theory is trying to accomplish.

Sheldon is the science genius in TBBT (The Big Bang Theory), no doubt about it.

He can explain all the forces in the universe. Yet the fifth force is beyond his grip. It is that force that is propelling him forward.


Mamadou, Senegalese Tirailleur.

Perpignan, South of France, September 2000.

Here we are — my father and me at Perpignan train station.

We took the night train from Paris. As my first experience on a train, it was awful.

We took the economic class. The journey was 8 hours long.

Way too long for a first experience on a train.

I was excited about this new adventure in an unknown city. I was also a bit afraid.

Indeed one week after my arrival, my father left me alone in boarding school. …

Ahmadou Diallo ✪

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