A letter to NEO, my 2 sons. They might HIRE you. You must FIRE yourself.

My NEO life.

Dear sons,

Toulouse, 28th of Jan 2019.

The first time we met. You are coming to this world, naked, yelling, and peeing. Weel the doctor had to cut through your mom to get you.

The first time we met, you changed my life forever Noah, Ali. Yes for me, you are Noah and Ali. You are both from Black, White. I am Muslim and your mother believes in herself. And you will make your own view of the world. I just hope that you will keep the Senegalese, Guinean, and Muslim heritage that I share with you.

Toulouse, 24th of Jan 2021.

The first time we met. You are coming to this world, naked and yelling. No, you did not pee as your big brother. And your mother delivered you naturally.

40 weeks ago, I was not 40 years old, Elijah, Omar. Yes, you share the same heritage with your brother Noah, Ali. I am sure that you will also make your own mark on this world with the support of your mother Laure and your big brother.

Noah, Elijah, I owe you the Opportunity (NEO) of becoming a father. Yes, I will do dad jokes. This comes with the title.

You are my/our NEO and I/we are your chosen ONE. With your mother, we have been blessed as parents to guide you and shape some of your perspectives in this world. We are only here to inspire you and you will have to do the rest on your own.

As a father, I can share so many things with you. Yet if I had only one small piece of paper, and only 2 words to write on it, I will write the 2 following words.

If I only have to leave you something in this world, let it be a piece of paper with the words HIRE and FIRE carved on it.

As you will go through your life, know that you will be hired a lot. Yes, it might feel uncomfortable. You might feel anger, anxiety, loneliness, and solitude.

If you want to get out of that mayhem, don’t wait for other people to fire you. You must strike first. You must always fire yourself from any situation where you have been hired.

HIRE and FIRE, the two engines to go higher and faster.

Why should people HIRE you?

For me, HIRE stands for:

  • Hated
  • Ignored
  • Rejected
  • Expelled

HATED — Yes to me, you are the loves of my life, well after my wife. You will be in situations where people will hate you because of their ignorance. They will be afraid of your difference. Their hate is their coping mechanism.

IGNORED — Yes to me, you are the stars of my world. Yet you are nobody to the rest of the world. And often to get to you, people will ignore you. They will ignore your presence, your voice, and even your own existence.

REJECTED -Yes to you, I will give my unconditional love. No questions asked. To the world, you are just one of many. They might reject you if they feel like you are not contributing to their own agenda of fulfilling their own needs.

EXPELLED — Yes to you, I have given my sweat, blood, and tears. My Black blood is running through your veins. We are one. People might reject you. They will try to deny you access to their world because they see you as a threat to them.

If you let other people hire you, you are outsourcing your life journey to them. The world is a dark place when there is no light. Remember to always bring your own light with you, wherever you go.

And the best light is the fire shining from within. And this is the reason while you must fire yourself, always.

FIRE for me stands for:

  • Fulfillment
  • Inclusion
  • Resilience
  • Experience

FULFILLMENT — Only a fool can feel the misalignment between his needs and his actions and stay in that weird place. I encourage you to find meaning in everything you do. Don’t wait for other people to tell you the meaning of your own life. Build it on the go. Build it daily, relentlessly.

INCLUSION — You are not alone in this universe. You are unique in your own way. So do others. Yet you are not unique. So do others. However, as Humans on this Earth, we are unique. Well, so far, no aliens are found on a distant exoplanet. So strive to be inclusive to each and every Human being on Planet Earth.

RESILIENCE — If your life is a plant, resilience is its propellant. Some people try to predict their future. Others try to build a time travel machine. The wise of us build resilience, to cope with whatever comes. Harvest today’s energy to plant the seed for resilience for a better tomorrow.

EXPERIENCE — Most people live their life through expenses. They buy fancy cars, fancy their movie stars’ beautiful houses. They try to accumulate as much stuff as they can. Yet they forget how small a tomb is. By a rule of thumb, you must build memories through experiences. Because you are immortal if there are people to remember your existence.

There you have it, Noah and Elijah. This is the only piece of paper worth dying for. Not money.

As you know, Ali and Omar, we are the sum of our experiences. We are not the dumbs of our expenses.

Elijah, you are only 4 days old. Noah, today, you are celebrating your 2 birthday. Life is a long journey.

Don’t let other people HIRE you. They might make their life at your expense.

Don’t hesitate to FIRE you. You might make your life an amazing experience.

With a lot of love,

Your Mad Dad

PS: Happy Birthday Noah, Ali!

What would you write on your one piece of paper, for net generations?

What two words describe best what life means to you?

How do you see other people remembering you?

Leave a comment below.

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