Are you making the best use of your SEO? 3 hidden gems to unlock your visibility and be on the first page of the search results in your life.

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Often, I open my laptop. I go to my web browser. I open an incognito tab. And then I google myself.

Why an incognito tab you ask?

Well, I am glad that you asked. As you know, Google remembers everything you do and most importantly your previous searches, the pages you visited before.

So when you google something, it will most likely deliver to you results based on your preferences.

There is a lot of literature about why this can be a bad thing.

This is a subject for another story, maybe. Today I just want to clarify why I use the “incognito tab”.

I use it so that Google will show me “unfiltered” results when I google myself.

I want to be aware of my online presence. And most importantly, I want to see if I am leveraging it very well.

SEO? What is SEO?

Well, I am glad you asked, again.

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimisation, more precisely:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.[1] SEO targets unpaid traffic (known as “natural” or “organic” results) rather than direct traffic or paid traffic. Unpaid traffic may originate from different kinds of searches, including image search, video search, academic search,[2] news search, and industry-specific vertical search engines.

Source: Wikipedia

In a classical way of SEO, you are a website. You want to be visible to most people. And you want to make sure that when they search for you on Google or other engine search platforms like Youtube, you appear on the first page.

Appearing as the first hit is the ultimate SEO ranking. Imagine that you enter your name on Google, you hit the “I feel lucky” button.

And BAM! You appear!

That is the sweetest and luckiest you can be on Google. What it means is that the small robots of Google find your content both qualitative and quantitative enough to drop you on the podium.

In today’s viral videos, star influencers, where we all want to just exist, SEO is the real war we are waging.

We all want some visibility, some shine in the light of eternity.

What if I tell you that by doing so, we are missing the real SEO?

Well, if you have been reading my content regularly, you know how I love to shed new light on classic acronyms.

I am an AA. I am an Acronym Addict. I see acronyms everywhere. They tell me things.

For me, the best SEO in life is the following:

  1. Soul

For me, the true SEO that can unlock our full potential is this one above.

SOUL — No, I am not talking about the latest Disney animated movie, Soul. Yet there is quite some link. I am talking about your soul, the 21 grams weight that composes your BIOS. Well if you imagine yourself as a computer.

Maybe you don’t think that you have a soul. Then I have just one piece of advice for you: You Better Call Saul!

Well, no matter what we call our internal operating system, the matter of fact is that we need it fully functional.

We can sell our soul to the devil. We can spend our whole life trying to be a people’s pleaser. We can just do whatever it takes. We might convince ourselves that the end justifies the means. Yet all we are doing is just corrupting our soul.

Have you ever tried to boot a computer with a corrupted BIOS?

I have defined my set of values that includes on the podium: bronze for forgiveness, silver for love and compassion, and gold for health.

I live by them and they guide me through my interaction with people. The only thing I know is that “Karma is a bitch”. And eventually, Karma will come back for me, for my deeds, good or bad, before the light turns off on my soul in this universe.

ENERGY — We might strongly believe that we can hold an infinite amount of it. Yet as we are finite beings, so is the receptacle of our physical and mental energies.

Our body is the main holder of our physical energy. We can increase the amount of physical energy in 2 ways.

The first and obvious way is to exercise to stretch our body out. The second way is to eat more healthy food that will stay longer in our body.

Our mind is the main holder of our mental or immaterial energy. Here we are talking about positive or negative energy that can push us forward or hold us back.

We have to limit interactions with people and things that can poor in more negative energy in our minds. Because we are not always able to remove them from our life, permanently.

We have to surround ourselves with positive people and things that can inspire us to be and do more of what we want to see in this world.

Energy, positive or negative, radiates. So it is contagious at its core.

I can feel from within which activities or people are positive energy vampires for me. I try to say away from them as much as possible.

When it comes to negative energy, I am learning to let go. I also strive to not be a thermometer. I strive to be more of a thermostat.

ORBIT — “All roads lead to the Kilimanjaro”, as my GrandPa used to tell me.

Every day, we are millions lost in the rigidity of the paths we want to take in life.

Maybe it is a path chosen for us by our parents, our family, our friends, our community, or the society we live in.

It might even be a path that we did choose ourselves. Yet we are lost. We are just wandering like a boat at the mercy of wind, waves, and water.

Our orbit is the path that can lead us to where we want to be in life. Yet most often, we become rigid on the path to take.

Because of the sunk cost fallacy, we are not willing to change the course of our journey despite the universe telling us otherwise.

We have to be crystal clear on the vision of life we want to have. This is our North star that will guide all our actions and bring equilibrium to our battling forces.

Yet we must always be flexible on the path. We must choose the path of water. If we encounter roadblocks, we have to look for another way.

Optimizing my orbit means finding different ways to achieve what I want in life. I know that there is no one unique way to achieve anything in life.

I might abandon my initial way if I feel that it is not the right one or if it is blocked. Like a GPS, I am locked on the destination and flexible on the path to get there.

In the end, I have no life engine where I can verify if I have the best SEO as in Soul, Energy, and Orbit.

All I have is my gut feeling, the inner peace of mind, and the clear vision of how my life is unraveling before my eyes.

I might not be at the level of the “I feel lucky” button yet. One thing I know though is that I am visible on the first page of the search engine of my life.

I cannot prove it. I just feel it. And I believe it.

What are you doing to improve your ranking results?

What is the best algorithm for a meaningful life SEO?

What are the best SEO options, from your perspective?

Leave a comment below.

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