FCR is the new PCR; can you feel it in your heart?

“The great law of nature is that it never stops. There is no end.”

Ryan Holiday

How are you adding color to your life?

What actions are propelling you forward?

How do you remember your blessings?

With the rise of Covid-19, the new word from the last 2 years has been “PCR”.

Funny enough, we all have used it many times.

I have been using it almost every week for the past year.

“Have you done your PCR test?”, “Show me your PCR results.”

Funny enough, I never learned what the acronym meant until this article.

That reminds me of the jargon we use at work to feel smart or impress other people.

Have you been a victim of BAE disease?

At Airbus, we used to make fun of each other because we love to use acronyms.

At that time, BAE Systems was part of Airbus.

For us, BAE was the Holy Grail of acronyms.

Because it stands for Bloody Acronyms Everywhere!

And even today, as I venture into new projects or departments in Airbus, I feel like I am stepping into a new universe.

At Airbus, every great presentation, every document always start with a long table of Acronyms or abbreviations.

This does not help the understanding of the document after the read. Yet, at least I have the key to decipher the code behind it.

What does PCR stand for?

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a method widely used to rapidly make millions to billions of copies (complete copies or partial copies) of a specific DNA sample, allowing scientists to take a very small sample of DNA and amplify it (or a part of it) to a large enough amount to study in detail.”

Source: Wikipedia

I feel like those scientists who invented this method are smiling as they free each of us to get out of our houses.

The next time you use the word, I hope you will have a smile on your face as being inducted into the BAE community.

What is FCR, and why should you care?

I have been taking improvisation comedy classes for more than 3 years.

Yes, you can learn to be more fun without trying to be funny in the first place. That is the secret of comedians.

I got the opportunity to learn techniques to co-create stories on the go.

My biggest lesson from those classes is the following: Be a “Yes and..” and not a “Yes but…” person.

One of the exercises we practice to enhance our storytellings skills is the FCR method.

We will sit on stage in a circle. Then our professor, Cédric, aka Ced will give the instructions to follow.

The FCR framework is quite simple:

  1. F stands for Forward, as in moving the story forward,
  2. C stands for Color as in giving a vivid description of the situation,
  3. R stands for Recall a previous element and use it to advance the story.

As we were sitting in the circle, he asked us to start a story.

“It is the story of a lost peanut in the forest,’’ I said.

My neighbor on the right will have to use the Forward, then the next person, the Color, and then the Recall.

And we repeat the FCR until the last person in the circle needs to give closure to the story.

And by applying the FCR approach, we created amazing stories.

Forward: “Her name is Coconut. She is looking for her pet Piper lost in the woods.”

Color: “It was at the end of the day. It was raining. She was walking barefoot.”

Recall: “Piper was her dog that was a gift for her 11th birthday.”


Now that the “what” is out of the picture let us focus on why we should care.

I love to learn from different disciplines of life. I like to transpose what I have learned from one field of my life and transpose it to another.

I can also apply the FCR framework in my life to craft a story worth living and telling.

1. F AS ALWAYS MOVING FORWARD IN OUR LIFE — We often spend most of our life sitting physically or mentally on one single spot.

We can hold on to grudges from the past or appreciate the serenity of our comfort zone.

We might lock ourselves in the prisons of our minds. We might refuse to leave a place, person, or profession holding us back.

Life is all about moving forward. A Sedentary lifestyle is bad for our health and our wealth, our mental wealth.

By being driven to move forward, we will grow. We will learn that we can find joy in the journey, meet new people and find a passion beyond a profession.

2. C AS ADDING COLORS TO OUR LIFE STORY — Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to what happens to us.

We can spend our whole life in the darkness, all doom and gloom. We can see the world as a threat.

We can think that the world universe is against us. We can label everything and everyone as black or white, depending on how it makes us feel.

Or we can choose to bring colors to our life. We can choose to see the light in the darkness.

We can embrace the universe’s entropy as a state of what is and not as something against us personally.

We can transform challenges into opportunities to learn, grow and move forward.

We can choose the color pallet through which we will paint our life experiences.

3. R AS RECALLING THE COOKIES IN LIFE’S OUR JAR — Past is for reference and not residence.

We should not be stuck in the past. We need to use it to remember all the great things that we were blessed with.

We must put all our blessings in a cookie jar. Each time we are going through hardships, we need to recall all the cookies that we collected until now.

Sometimes recalling the great blessings and accomplishments of the past is a way to remember that we are worthy of value, worthy of love, worthy of being human, worthy of being alive.

Often we are caught up in the speed of light that we get lost in life translation. As a result, we feel like we are worthless.

Maybe sometimes, we need to work less to be able to be more, to live more.

Reflecting on the challenges we overcame is a great way to clean the window of our minds to let the rainbow in again.

In summary, I encourage each of us to apply the FCR method to live a life worth living and telling:

  1. F as always moving forward in our life,
  2. C as adding Colors to our life story,
  3. R as Recalling the cookies in our life’s jar.

We are the words we use to describe our life.

We are the phrases that drive our actions.

We are stories that we tell ourselves, and the universe is always listening.

Now I need to go and take an FCR test because my life depends on it.

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