Following these 3 steps will bring joy into our journey at work for our colleagues and us.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw

What are the things that bring us joy?

What are the things that we do daily?

What do those have in common?

I have been looking for that holy grail. I have been looking for that one elephant that fits it all.

We might call it Ikigai:

Ikigai (生き甲斐, lit. ‘a reason for being’) is a Japanese concept referring to something that gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living.

Source: Wikipedia

Yes, I feel like having a great job, don’t get me wrong. I just have that ghost knocking at the backdoor of my mind.

He keeps telling me that I have not yet reached my Ikigai.

We cannot all find that sweet spot where we do what we love, what the world needs, and for which we can get paid.

The question for me is the following:

Can I create my Ikigai in my current situation and not search for it, forever?

I believe that it is a question worth asking.

Enjoying the spectacular now is the ultimate present of life. The past is gone. The future is just an illusion.

We cannot just all be rich and famous. The world needs more. Humanity needs less vanity and more variety.

We can all impact our job and find joy all along the way as our day passes.

We can create our Ikigai today by following those 3 steps below:

  1. Make a list of things that brings us joy,
  2. Make a list of things we do every day,
  3. Compare the lists and adjust accordingly.

The premise is that we can start where we are, in the present, and make it the most important moment in our life.

Indeed life is ultimately the present moment.

We are not saying that we should not grow daily or we should procrastinate.

The intention is to emphasize the power of action over the inaction in disillusion.

There is nothing worse than living a life we feel is a trap. We beat ourselves up, and people around us, friends, family, and colleagues, are collateral damages.

We need to feel that we belong in the present moment.

There is no better moment to be alive than when we are alive. There is no better place now than where we are to start living.

1. MAKE A LIST OF THINGS THAT BRINGS US JOY — There are things that we do that put a smile on our faces.

Is it just walking down our neighborhood and feeling lucky to be there?

Is it appreciating the health we are blessed with?

Is it serving our community, our people?

For me, it is having fun and being autonomous.

I love to work hard and play hard.

Sometimes I go into my neighborhood. I can see some grass and hear the birds singing.

What is one thing that we are doing that brings us joy?

2. MAKE A LIST OF THINGS WE DO EVERY DAY — The next step is to list everything we do daily.

How is our typical work day?

How do we spend our days on weekends and holidays?

We need to create a list of all things that we do. We need to see on paper where, when, and on what we spend most of our days.

Because how we spend our days determines how we spend our lives.

We might overestimate what we can do in a decade. But we often underestimate what we can do in a day.

What is the one thing we spend most of our time on a given day?

3. COMPARE THE LISTS AND ADJUST ACCORDINGLY — This last step is quite straightforward.

Once we have identified where we find joy and spend most of our time, we need to work on blending those 2 spaces into one.

We have to be ready to adjust according to the results we want to materialize in our life.

Are we ready to adjust our life to ensure overlap between joy and labor?

We need to have the courage to act on our behalf for our sake.

If you are not ready to act, don’t make those 2 lists. Indeed you will only make things worse than before.

Because now you can see on paper things that were only in your head.

Are we ready to have the courage to act and adjust our life?

I am spending a lot of time compressing my quota of life. I am aware of how short my life is compared to the scale of the universe.

However, I had lived 2 lives compared to those who left this Earth when they were only 20 years old.

I have lived 4 lives compared to all those who only had to spend their first 10 years and have to be called by the universe.

I often forget how blessed I am to live in a country with universal health care.

I often forget what it means to have a full-time contract in a big company.

I often forget how amazing it is to be a father and to be able to provide for my sons.

I often forget the freedom to think about what I want and to be able to express myself without any fear of retaliation in any shape or form.

To that ghost telling me that being alive and blessed is only exciting when I will be rich and famous, I beg to differ.

I have to work on creating myself as I see fit. I have to work on crafting the best life experience right here.

I cannot spend my whole life thinking about what I should have been while missing what I can be in this present moment.

If we have only to make 2 lists, make them the following: the list of things that bring us joy and the list of things that we do daily.

Compare both and have the courage to adjust accordingly.

Then we can call ourselves a ghostbuster. Because by creating ourselves today, we will bust all the ghosts of “what could have been.”

Then while lying on our deathbeds, as we have our last breath, we can leave the room with a smile of a mission accomplished: living a life with joy as a companion daily, no matter what.

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