Freestyle writing is the best way to write: some tips and tricks to start writing, write faster, and write often.

“Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I just sit down and write when my kids are napping, generally on the Saturday or Sunday afternoon.”, I said.

What? Do you constrain yourself to write? I have been struggling during the pandemic to be able to find inspiration for the book I am writing right now”, she replied.

She did not get it, I think.

When it comes to writing, there are professionals and amateurs. And with Medium and other blogging platforms, there are people like me between those two extremes.

Generally, when it comes to writing, there are two leading schools.

There is the school of those who wait for inspiration to come and whispers to their fingers what to write.

Those people do not write a lot of content.

George R. R. Martin is one of them. He is just the author of the Games of Thrones books series, adapted to television by HBO.

The last season of Game of Thrones suffered because George R. R Martin was not writing fast enough.

The creators of the TV adaptation David Benioff and D. B. Weiss had to improvise the final season. It did not go well, in my opinion.

There is the school of those who schedule writing sessions and are prolific. They don’t wait for their Muse. Instead, they make an appointment with her and make sure that she shows up.

Stephan King is one of them.

King’s formula for learning to write well is: “Read and write four to six hours a day. If you cannot find the time for that, you can’t expect to become a good writer.” ”

Source: Wikipedia

I am more on King’s side and my colleague, Karelle, more on Martin’s side.

Rap, Dancing, Journaling, Comedy. Flow is freestyle, and life is flow.

There are a lot of artists that create unique pieces of their craft on the fly. This might seem cheap art compared to artists spending decades before coming up with one masterpiece.

The 3 rappers that I put on the podium are Busta Rhymes, Eminem, and 2pac.

The Chinese pianist Lang Lang is one of the most exceptional pianists alive.

Now let me introduce you to 2 amazing people: one freestyle rapper and one freestyle pianist.

Harry Mack is a great freestyle rapper on Youtube. Just watch one of his videos on his youtube channel.

Marcus Veltri is an exceptional pianist. He can improvise masterpieces on demand.

The two of them came together, and a picture is worth a thousand words:

It takes a certain level of magic to perform at such a high level, no offense to my best rappers or Lang-Lang.

Would you dance with me?

When I was doing my engineering studies, I chose dance classes as my “sport” activities. I was introduced to Salsa Cubana, Rock’n’Roll dancing (not Acrobatic).

I discovered Bachata and Merengue also.

Then I went to learn Kizomba and finally Semba.

In all of those couple dances, I learned the building steps. I learned some combinations of steps also.

Yet when I used to go to parties, each dance with a partner was a story written on the fly by two people dancing together.

I could spend 2 or 3 hours on the dance floor, and each time, I will freestyle my way to the song with a supporting partner.

I loved it, and I still love it today. Reflecting on it, I now know what draws me into it: improvisation.

Writing is often about improvisation and letting the words guide you.

What is in your journal logbook?

At the end of summer 2018, I was amidst the challenge of reading one book a month. One common thing coming back from all the books I read: journaling is one of the critical assets to self-mastery.

I decided to go on starting my daily exercises of journaling. It was the 28th of August, 2018. As I am writing this article, I have not missed one day.

Well, that’s not true. I did miss one morning or evening slot for a few days. But never did I miss an entire day for my two morning and evening journaling sessions.

Journaling is quite simple yet a challenging exercise.

Twice a day, I have to start with a blank page and fill it in in 10 minutes. I have no excuses.

Journaling has helped me train my brain and reinforces the writing area in my brain.

I can feel that I don’t have writer’s block when journaling because I am driven by being able to master my day and reflect on it in the evening.

Journaling improves my writing skills, offloads my brain, and guides me through the creator’s block.

Are you a “yes but” or a “yes and” person?

I have the title of my one-man show: The One Mad Show. Now, all I have to do is learn how to be a comedian, write some jokes, perform, and be rich and famous.

This is not why I went to take improv comedy lessons. I have never taken classic theatre courses.

I am just too lazy to learn a text by heart and then perform it.

Like freestyle rap, when I do improv comedy performances, it is pretty simple.

I come on stage and apply the cardinal rule of improvisational comedy: accept and add or more commonly known as the “yes and” rule.

And this mindset of “yes and” is one of the best philosophies in life.

Accept what the universe offers and add a part of you if you can, and pass it onto the person next to you.

Thanks to improv comedy classes, I am better equipped with techniques like word association, storytelling components, characters’ needs and wants, and much more.

One more content, please?

Often I am asked the secret of coming up with new ideas to write about every week for so many years.

I have a straightforward answer: inspiration.

Inspiration is about being a student of life, taking each opportunity in life to learn.

It is also about stealing from other people’s ideas and combining them to create your piece by sparkling a part of you in it.

I am more of a visual person. I learn more from watching movies, TV shows, documentaries, or videos on Youtube.

I love the short form of condensed information in a TED talk, a book summary, or a well-told story.

I deliberately consume things that inspire me and help me grow.

Then I apply the magic formula:

“When you teach, you learn twice.”


I am a freestyle dancer. I freestyle my journal. I am a freestyle writer.

I am a freestyle storyteller.

I don’t want to build a masterpiece in my lifetime.

I want to be the master of my life, piece after peace, shine after shine.

What are your tips for writing?

Are you more of a King or a Martini?

Are you a freestyle living being?

Leave a comment below.

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