Go beyond the Hydrogen hype and embrace the third dimension: Welcome to the H-Cube of Head, Heart, and Hands.

“The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled.”

M.Scott Peck

How well do you know your audience?

What are you adding to your message to make it a call for action?

Are you talking to their head, their heart, or their hands?

We all want to tell stories that can resonate with people. So often, we frame our messages in the same way that we want to be inspired.

Yet when crafting a message, we have to make sure that we address the suitable medium for our target audience.

Are you familiar with the KAV art?

Before we address the ways of the H-Cube (H3), we have first to understand how people consume and digest information.

There are 3 ways for people to process information for learning:

  • K, as Kinesthetic,
  • A, as Auditory,
  • V, as Visual.

Let us explore each style.

V, AS VISUAL — Most of us are more ingesting information in a visual format. We have been learning by observing, and we resonate with visuals.

We learn with what we see, be it videos, pictures, graphs, illustrations, or articles.

We have to address this visual learning population in the content that we are creating.

We need to add visuals to our content, our message, or our story.

A, AS AUDITORY — When we are born, we first hear before we see. As humans, we can fall back to auditory when we are blindsided.

This population includes people who are visually impaired.

Be it podcasts, one-on-one conversations, group discussions or oral presentations, there are a lot of benefits for learning by hearing.

K, AS KINESTHETIC — Learning by doing is one of the most underrated ways to take in information. Yet we loved to do things on our own when we were a child.

Touch is one of the most powerful feelings in our life’s experience.

Kinesthetic learning is very powerful, whether hands-on activities, walking meetings, role-playing, or DIY (Doing It Yourself).

We all have different levels of the KAV learning abilities combined.

What is your preferred way of learning?

I am curious to know.

Now that we have addressed the different ways of learning, we are ready for the next step.

We need to create content that will serve people in the whole spectrum of the KAV framework.

Maybe not the whole spectrum.

We need to know our target audience to frame the message to them.

Often when creating content, we forget the essential aspect of it.

The time, energy, and hard work going through content creation will vanish if there is no action behind, from our audience.

Is your content H-Cube ready?

Call for action is the best way to make your content resonate with your target audience.

Having the H-Cube approach in mind when creating your story will make it more relevant to your audience.

Each time content is created, it must target at least one or more of the 3 areas:

  • Head,
  • Heart,
  • Hands.

The H-Cube framework is not a guarantee of viral content. Yet every viral content has one or more aspects of the H-Cube framework.

It is a framework that will guarantee that you will reach your target audience and inspire action on their side.

HEAD — When creating content, we have to ask ourselves whether it will ignite our end-users reflection.

We must ensure to add the right ingredients of KAV and blend them so that we can shatter the typical framework of our audience.

HEART — This one is obvious because it is the best trick used by social media platforms to keep you chained to their prison.

We need to think about the emotions we want to elicit in our readers’ minds. Emotion is the frequency of the human condition.

HANDS — We need to think about the practicality of our content. We need to make it easy to implement so that our audience can reap the benefits right away.

Coming back to the KAV framework, we need to bring value to people to make decisions after consuming our curated content.

We all need to call for actions for a cause just for us. However, not all causes are born equal.

More precisely, not all causes are framed and branded equally.

We have the supporting block to frame our message with the KAV framework.

With the H-Cube toolset, we are equipped with the right lever to lift the world, no matter how heavy the challenges.

There is no audience that you cannot reach with the right tools.

Make sure to understand their KAV style and wrap your message in the best H-Cube package.

And you have a recipe for the best disaster in your life.

You will avoid the only disaster of life: feeling like you are not understood.

We all have something worth saying from our perspective. We can change the world by making it an actionable message.

It is excellent to get our message out there. Yet the more incredible feedback we can receive is that it has helped someone somewhere, whether we know it or not.

All the great movies, the fantastic books, the timeless talks, those unique articles that bend the light of our lives were just that.

They resonated with us, and we made them actionable because those stories shined through the windows of our H-Cube.

They shed light on the path you were looking for.

They reached out to you with a helping hand.

They spoke your language.

Why not be that guiding star to someone else?

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