Have you met CBI, the hidden son of the marriage between the CIA and the FBI?

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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a guy that always focuses on his external struggles, trying to seek the validation of others.

It was on a saturday , CIA went out to a rock & roll party with some friends. There she was, hitting the dance floor.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was a strong and powerful woman. She likes to reflect on her inner strength and is always trying to reach that inner peace.

Yet when she was dancing, she just was taking all the attention from the dance floor.

CIA looks at her and smiles. He invites her to dance. FBI smiles back and gives her hand and they head to the floor.

Suddenly the DJ annonces on the mic: this is slow times guys. Enjoy this brand new song from Elvis Presley, Can’t Help Falling In Love:

The song is only 3 minutes long. Yet for CIA, it feels like it’s only 3 seconds.

The song ends and he asks FBI if he can buy her a drink.

And this, CBI, is how I met your father, said FBI to her 15 years old son.

CIA and FBI struggled a lot before agreeing that the name of their only son would be a mix of each of their names. Being a gentleman, CIA gave the first letter and let FBI give the two remaining ones.

It is the tradition in the ABC family. Only 3 letters for each member of the family.

What does CBI stand for?

If like me, you were a fan of the hit TV show, The Mentalist, from CBS, you would have heard him giving some hint in the video below:

Yet this is not what CBI stands for, for me.

Let’s roll back in October 2019, in Toulouse, France.

Here I am having a lot of impact and way too active on the social platform of Airbus, the Hub.

I am posting a vlog every month, since 2018. I am posting 1 African proverb in the Airbus Africa community on a daily basis since the end of 2017.

Then I decided that I would add another challenge to myself. I like to share. And I wanted to share the impact I could have in life outside of Airbus. I decided to write a weekly article and post it on LinkedIn.

8 months and 30 articles later, here you are, reading my 31st article. If you asked me to write 30 articles in 8 months, 8 months ago, I would have said this: Hell no, I cannot do it!

So how did it happen?

The answer partially lays in the book the War of Art by Steven Pressfield:

I read that book in my 2018 challenge: 1 month, 1 book. Yes, some people read 1 book a week, and if you are one of them, I can see the smile on your face and the “So what?!” in your mind.

To give you a little perspective, I haven’t read a single book over the past decade at that time. This is why it was such a big deal for me to be able to read 1 book each month for the whole 2018. And I was able to reach my target!

Let’s come back to Patrick, CBI and not the California Bureau of Investigation.

For me, CBI stands for:

I genuinely believe and apply the CBI approach in everything I do.

Each day, when I wake up, I will exercise for 20 minutes. That’s 2h20 minutes every week. That’s almost 10 hours every month and compounding to 120 hours every year.

Each day, I write my journal in the morning and in the afternoon. That’s 730 pages of my life captured every year. Since I started the 28th of August, 2018, I have so far more than 1300 pages.

At work, I post an African proverb every day since 2017 on our social platform. That is around 600 quotes since I started.

I have been publishing a video every month since 2018. That’s more than 30 videos.

And I have implemented the CBI approach in my articles writing on LinkedIn also. So far, 30 articles and more than 100 pages on different themes about my story, what I have learned so far in life.

Often people ask me how I do it. My first answer is that I have a wife and a partner who supports me and understands me, even if sometimes she would expect me to be more present.

I am working on doing activities with my family and friends and working to find solutions to problems where I feel that I can contribute.

It is not always easy.

The advantage of the CBI approach is that it helps me defeat the resistance in my creative process. Indeed as explained by Steven Pressfield in his book the War of Art , often we have to fight resistance and short term rewards if we want to unleash our creative process and deliver.

With the CBI approach, I use the small commitment approach to negotiate a start with myself. Then once I have started, I know that I have won.

The magic behind my CBI is the compound interest formula.

This is the formula where I can do little yet yield much in the long run.

Are you ready for some math?

I guarantee you, it’s gonna be very easy. First let’s introduce our 2 protagonists.

Comfort Me (CM) is the good guy who will always do 100% everyday of his life.

Domino Me is the lazy guy who will do 100% everyday and some extra. The extra is not 50% more, nor 20% more, not even 10 or 5% more.

Domino Me (DM) will just do 1% more each day compared to what he did the day before.

DM is doing 101% every single day of his life.

Who will win in the long run and for how much?

Obviously DM is doing 1% more than CM everyday, which is not such a big deal. Obviously he is the winner.

But it will be a small win, isn’t it?

Let’s assess the difference in the long run.

CM is doing 100% everyday, let’s assume that CM has 1$ the first day.

DM is doing 101% each day, so the 2nd day he will have 1.01$, 1.0201$ the 3rd day, etc.

Let see how much is the win in the long run for DM by just doing 1% more every day.

Let’s take the compound interest in 10 years and do a deep dive.

1.01E3650=5.9x10E15 can be written as :

5.9 x 1 000 000 000 000 000 or 5.9 x 1 000 000 x 000 000 000 or 5.9 millions x 1 billion.

Let’s compare it with the fortune of the richest man on Earth today, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon.

As I am writing these words, he has a net worth of 145 billions of USD.

This means that DM is 40 690 times richer than the richest man on Earth within only one decade of applying the 1% compound interest formula.

Of course this is in theory. In reality, he will give a lot to his ex and some to the government.

The example above was just an illustration of the compound interest and the power of doing little everyday.

By adopting the CBI approach in my personal and professional lives, I am making the best use of my most valuable asset in life: my time.

Yes, time is the most precious currency for me. Each day I am given 86 400$. And if I don’t spend them by the end of the day, they are gone forever.

Often we complain about the 1% of us ruling the other 99%. While I cannot deny that some of them may have an unfair advantage of being born in the right family, or having the right connections, we all have the same amount of time. We also have some untapped advantages that are unique to us.

By doing 1% more every day, I am iterating myself to be a better version every day. And I am building new habits on top of existing and very efficient ones. I don’t see adding a new habit as a huge effort.

Yet I know that I am always winning in the way that I am able to do more in 24 hours today than 3 years ago.

By applying the 1% rule, I am eventually gonna be part of the 1%. If it is not during my lifetime, the legacy I am building will echo my voice into eternity!

What are your tips to overcome resistance in your creative process?

Are you a federal agent, part of the CBI approach?

What is your approach to doing more with less?

Leave a comment below.

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Photo by Aditya Ali on Unsplash



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