How high is your RPM, and the secret to making it the highest possible for a meaningful life?

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My garage, somewhere in Toulouse, South of France, 2021

He has been sitting there for some time. Each time I enter, I can hear him scream.

I turn my head in the other direction. I can hear him suffocate.

I am here, you know,” he shouts.

Not today, sorry. Maybe tomorrow!” I mumbled to him as I was closing the door behind me.

I am cold, and there is no heat here. I will freeze to death.”, he begged.

Three months later…

“Just 10, you are kidding me, Dude?” he said with a smile on his face.

“Yep, Man, this is the best I can give to you right now.”, I replied while sweating to death.

OK, but 10 (RPM) Reps Per Minute kinda sucks, Bro!” he said with his smirking face.

I can stop right now if you go down to this path. I am making some efforts here.”, I screamed between 2 reps.

“Well, as the elliptical bike of the house, I can tell you that your wife is doing way, way better…” he continues.

Stop it right there…I am gonna leave you alone with the dust in your face!” I hammed to his ears while grabbing his handles with all my strength.

Ok, Dude, I get you! From 0 to 10 RMP in 3 months, you are on the right track…

At the gym or in life, we tend to compare our RPM to those of people around us.

Often we forget that we are maybe in the same universe, yet each journey is unique.

My siblings’ RPM, my neighbor’s, my colleagues’, my car’s: all of them are different.

We may be in the same ocean in life, but our boats are neither going to the same speed nor the same destination.

We often forget that rule of life: each RMP is a unique stamp tattooed in our face when we set foot on this planet.

Well, I am glad you asked.

RPM as not in Reps Per Minute, but more as in:

  1. R as Results
  2. P as Purpose
  3. M as the Map

1. R AS RESULTS: WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR? — We don’t all want a big house, beautiful sports cars in our garage, so much money that we don’t know what to do with it.

Yes, I know that this picture above can be tempting to most of us, including myself.

However, even if we get the house, the cars, the money, we might find ourselves dissatisfied.

The reason is that we all seek inherently different results in life.

We all have that one result we are looking for to make our life a meaningful one.

We must not be fooled by the shiny objects dangled before our eyes. They will fade away as fast as they appeared like a shooting star in the sky.

We have to make sure that the results we are looking for fit our deep needs.

Collecting trophies on the shelves of our life will mean nothing if we are just doing it for external drives.

We need to understand the types of results that are specific to our journey.

2. P AS PURPOSE: WHY AM I LOOKING FOR MY “WHAT”? — We all believe that we are unique and that the rest of the world is the herd.

Maybe we want that big house, that beautiful car, and that money. We might have the right reasons to want to enjoy those things in the first place.

Maybe we grew up in a small space or the streets.

Maybe we had to walk long distances to the bleed of our feet.

Maybe we felt the financial pressure of not being able to provide for our loved ones.

These reasons above might be the right reasons why we work hard to get that big promotion at work.

The only question we need to ask is: why?

Often in life, we do things because our parents say so.

We get the house because our colleagues are our neighbors.

We get that 9 to 5 job because this is what society offers to people like us.

We drown our “why” in the lake of what other people think.

Then we ask ourselves why we feel miserable.

We have to spend 20% of your time in execution mode.

We have to spend 60% of our time seeking the purpose behind the results we want to achieve.

And the 20% remaining go to the last step.

3. M AS THE MAP: HOW TO GET THERE? — We might know what we want. We might be clear on the purpose behind it.

Yet without a clear blueprint, we will stagnate to death.

Once we know what we want and why we do, we need to lay out a clear path to our destination.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that there is one unique path.

Because for sure, there will be roadblocks, dead ends, detours like in every journey for every Human being.

Yet I have never heard my GPS in my car tell me: Sorry, I cannot get you to your destination because the initial route I have calculated is a dead end.

On the contrary, our GPS will propose us another route. Moreover, we might take the wrong exit at a roundabout. As the great companion, she is, our GPS will not judge us. She will just propose us a new route.

The GPS can do the guiding because she has a map. She knows where you want to go. She knows where you are. She will do her utmost best to get you there.

The initial condition that makes the GPS possible: a clear and detailed map of our world.

Ensure that you always create a vivid map in your mind and use it to navigate towards your destination.

This RMP (Reasons, Purpose, and Map) is the highest RPM in life.

If you have it right, you can beat any other system with an RPM. The reason is that you are not competing with the other system.

You are just playing the infinite game of improving yourself, day in, day out.

You are not fixated on the scoreboard of life. You are just playing the game of life.

And by doing so, I will not guarantee you an infinite RPM because only the universe is infinite.

I can guarantee you that you will switch from real-time measurement of your RPM to real-life fulfillment.

How do you improve your RPM in life?

Are you data-driven or purpose-driven?

What is the best GPS in life?

Leave a comment below.

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