How is your life differential pressure?

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3 min readMay 4, 2020
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In my previous article, I focused on What’s your life profile looks like? showing the similarities between the science of flight and the one of life.

In this new article, we will dive deeper into the analogy.

Most of an aircraft flight is at cruise level, at 35 000 feet (around 11 Km), the optimum altitude to balance the resistance of the air and use the advantage of the atmospheric pressure.

At this altitude, we, human beings, won’t feel comfortable because of the low level of oxygen and low level of atmospheric pressure.

This is the reason why the pressure in the aircraft, i.e the cabin pressure, is higher than the external atmospheric pressure.

The difference (Delta) of Pressure (P) between the internal (Int) cabin and external (Ext) atmospheric pressures can be defined as below:

DeltaP= P_Int — P_Ext

All along the flight, we strive to maintain a positive differential Pressure, DeltaP > 0.

How can we apply this equation to our lives?

Let’s say that the external pressure is all the external forces that you can feel in your life, be it social pressure, peer, or family pressures.

The internal pressures are your inner forces, your mindset, your strengths, your skillset, and your positive energy.

Let’s rewrite the equation for our life:

DeltaP (You)= P_Int(Internal Forces) — P_Ext (External Forces)

Let’s make another assumption:

Your internal forces are here to bring you pleasure.

The results of external forces can be perceived as pain to be avoided or overcome.

The final equation that I call the Pain-Pleasure equation is as simple as:

DeltaP (You)= Pleasure — Pain

This equation can be seen in a lot of ways. I will just share the two main ones that are relevant to me.

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