How to come up with genuine content to share with the world?

“Take a deep breath. Get present in the moment and ask yourself what is important this very second.”

Greg McKeown

When will you break out of prison?

Which torch are you holding? A digital? A physical?

What is the road to your expression?

How do you find time to write articles, grow your Youtube channel, and do so many things as a dad?” she asked.

I have a window between 2 pm to 4 pm each Saturday. I sit down. My kids are napping. I create.”, I replied.

That is the secret of how I create content regularly. Part of the secret is that I have been preparing for that moment when I am sitting in front of my computer, always at the kitchen table.

I am driven by my willingness to tell my story and life experiences in my own words.

I can see the moment when my kids would be told some stories about why I did this or that without me being there to share my point of view.

In each of my articles, I leave a part of me, like a digital trail that my kids and my grandkids will have to go through to be in my shoes.

When it comes to content creation, we are often eager to go to the last of the three steps I will share below.

We need some conscious and deliberate walk in the park to get to the destination of telling stories. We need even more of a systematic approach using the three steps below to create content that reflects who we are, where we are coming from, and what the message we are trying to convey is really about.

We can all tell stories as long as we do not always rely on inspiration. We can be very prolific if we set up systems that we can depend on to output the light of our life.

We can use the “E” framework to come up with original content consistently:

  1. Escape,
  2. Explore,
  3. Express.

Are you ready to unlock your fool potential?

(Pun intended!)

1. ESCAPE — We are prisoners in some shape or form. We are at least prisoners of our minds. We love our comfort zone.

We will take the same route to work. We park our car in the same spot in the underground parking lot at work, no matter how many spots are free.

As creatures of habits, we are efficient in creating shortcuts to make quick decisions. That ability was great when we had to fight or fly some millions of years ago. That skill is also energy efficient but with some downsizes.

One major downside is that we never find the time or energy to escape our daily routines, our neighborhood, and the environment of what we know.

We never find the courage to break the shackles of our worldview. We are stuck in the loop of Groundhog Day!

We need to be the prisoner that escaped Plato’s cave. We need to find the courage to get out of what we know so that we can leave space for new things to come into our life.

2. EXPLORE — The prisoner escaping the cave explored the source of the shadows. He saw the light.

There are so many places, so many times, so many ideas that are just waiting out there for us to come and discover. We have never been so digitally connected. Yet we have never explored so little of our world.

We are trying to experience the shadows of life behind the social feeds of our smartphones. Yes, we can go into any place with just a few clicks on Google Earth. That is not the real exploration of life. We often don’t know our neighbors or our community as much as we know the life and the locations of “influencers” to whom we have outsourced the true experience of life. We have lost the way to genuine exploration.

We are often so blind about who we are that we also fail to make that journey of inner exploration. As a result, we might be frightened by what we discover about ourselves. Yet there is no light without darkness. No human being sees the light without their shadow cast back at them.

Only by exploring the world can we build an authentic experience of life to its fullest. Only by going off trails can we create a new path that other people will walk on after us.

3. EXPRESS — When we are born, we already know how to express ourselves. Before we open our eyes, we already know how to open our mouths the second we are free from our mother’s womb.

We grow up with the same mentality. We close our eyes to things that contradict our worldview. We surround ourselves with people expressing the same ideas as us. We are part of groups that feed and amplify all cognitive biases, including group thinking and confirmation bias.

Freedom of expression is so underrated nowadays. Well, that is the case in the western world. We are so quick to express ourselves that we forget to escape and explore first.

If we escaped more, we would see the value of freedom of speech. If we explored more, we would see that there is no “one size fits all.” We would understand that the world cannot be reduced to a binary vision: 0 or 1, us versus them, light or darkness. Instead, we would realize that we have only one perspective from where we are judging.

Expression of ideas is great when combined with the willingness to escape dogma and to be intentional about exploring the unknown to us.

I have found value in escaping where I was born and raised. Don’t get me wrong. I would never exchange being born and raised in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa. Yet coming to a new country at 20 forced me to reconsider my formatted worldview.

Being airdropped in an unknown territory taught me the value of exploration. I had no choice but to move forward and get to know my new environment.

I learned to express myself from my combined life’s escape and exploration.

Today I am using the same approach when it comes to content creation. I am curious about escaping what I think I already know. I feed my mind with books, videos, and articles of people who have a perspective that is different from mine. I take in what they have to offer without any value judgment. Then I allow myself to express my worldview tempered by what I have learned.

By escaping and exploring, I have an infinite source of ideas to create new content, either through articles or videos. I define myself as a student of life. I learn. I unlearn. I relearn. I repeat that pattern every single day of my life.

I want my children, my grandchildren, and the next generation to use my content as an inspiration to escape their reality, explore the reality of my time, and express theirs with their own words.

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