How to enter your new ERA for success?

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Three years ago, I was a bit lost in my life. Well, let me rephrase it. I didn’t have any clear direction where to go on my life goals, my life mission, and how to get there.

Have you been there?

To overcome that feeling of being lost in the fog, I needed to get out of that cluttered forest of mind and find a new forest of mine, thus entering a new ERA.

To do so, I applied the 3 steps below.

E as exercise:

The body is the vessel, the only one you will have in your whole life (at least for the moment!).

We spend so much time chasing shiny cars or beautiful homes and often we lose our health in the journey.

To be able to do anything in life, you have to be healthy. And our physical health is the first empire to build.

As the saying goes: “Health is the ultimate wealth.”

I started going to the gym on a weekly basis, 3 times a week. When I exercise, I feel that my energy level is higher. I can do more with the same vessel.

Then I started also waking up early in the morning to do some early 20min exercise to start my journey by feeling my body with positive energy.

Now that the body is being fed properly, what about the mind?

R as Read:

It was a long time since I had not read any kind of book. I was more like the guy who was binge-watching TV shows on Netflix or other Internet platforms. I was competing with my friends in the application TV Show Time to see who has the biggest time spent watching TV shows.

All I was doing, in fact, was just showing how much of my time I wasted to keep me “busy;”

I said to myself that I was not brought on this Earth to binge-watch TV. I should instead binge-read personal development books. In 2018, I challenged myself to read one self-development book a month. And to my surprise, I did it.

Reading is the best way I found to compress time, to time travel, to slide into other universes.

And you would ask: “What’s the point of binge-reading? Do you apply what you read?

A as act:

And you are right to ask that question. And I asked myself the same question. In the books that I read, I started applying a lot of things in my life right away.

I started journaling, twice a day. And I am still right now.

I started batching my emails at work and mastering my time more efficiently.

I killed all the notifications on my smartphone and I removed Twitter and Instagram apps from my phone.

I reduced the time I spent on the Internet and increase the time spent in real life.

To this day, I believe in the power of action.

As the saying goes: “Action kills fear.

Being a person of action, day in, day out will bring you tangible results without the associated heavy lifting.

In summary:

This is how I entered the ERA I am in right now.

I used Exercise to feed my body.

I used Reading to feed my mind.

I used Action to feed my soul.

What did you do to enter your new ERA? Leave a comment below.

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Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash



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