How to use the fantastic four to reach the next flight level in your life?

Photo by Chris Leipelt on Unsplash

I love airplanes. When I was a kid, I remember looking up to the sky and wondering: “How is this possible?”, whenever I saw a plane above my head, in Dakar, Sénégal, West Africa.

Then my journey brought me to an aeronautical engineering school where the magic of flying was passed upon me.

Here is a picture summarising the magic in the air:

The weight: resulting from the force of gravity.

The lift: resulting from the actions of the wings.

The drag: is the force opposing the motion of the plane in the flight direction.

The thrust: the force that moves the plane in the flight direction.

Let’s make a parallel with our life.

Imagine yourself being an airplane flying in the sky of your life.

What is the equivalent of those forces?

This is the model that I came up with.

Weight: Short term

In life, if we are only focused on short-term objectives, we often make decisions that will drag us down.

It’s the shot of dopamine we have using social media while losing a huge amount of our time.

It’s the decision to stay in our comfort zone because it’s easier in the short term.

It’s all those easy things we do to get a quick reward that will fade away as fast as it came.

Lift: Long term

The things that lift us in life are those things that take time and sacrifice. It’s the things that we believe are above the clouds that we are seeing today.

It’s choosing to take up new challenges because we know that we will evolve into a better version of ourselves, in the long term.

It’s to choose to be present with our family and friends and not to devote our soul to just work.

It’s to have a just cause that we are willing to die for.

Drag: Pain

By nature, we as humans, are wired to avoid pain. We spend a lot of our time trying to avoid taking the right decisions that will move us forward because of fear of judgment from others.

A lot of things worth having in life are obtained through the currency of pain. And life doesn’t take credit cards.

We have to pay the full price, upfront.

We spend so much time and energy finding ways to avoid pain. While doing this, we are either stuck or regressing.

Thrust: Pleasure

Pleasure is where we find the energy to move forward. It’s the way to fill our bucket, to poor it in our engine, and tackle the challenges in front of us.

Not all pleasures are extracted in the same soil.

Some of them are from poor soils: overrated, overexploited, not well taken care of.

Others are from rich, organic soils: well maintained, watered regularly, with great yields.

There you have it.

What are your thoughts regarding this model? Are the forces driving you different in the journey of your life in the air?

Leave a comment below.

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Photo by Chris Leipelt on Unsplash



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