If you want to see the rainbow, you have to go through the R.A.I.N.

Photo by Geetanjal Khanna on Unsplash

“The meaning of life is to give life a meaning.”

Viktor E. Frankel

“I forgot my umbrella again. Damn it! I hate it when it rains.” This sentence is one of my favorite sentences when complaining about the weather.

Why is it that we love to hate rain?

Why do we all want the rainbow and expect it to come from thin air?

We will get to the R.A.I.N that brings rainbow into our life.

  • We crave things out of our control.
  • We lock ourselves up in our minds.
  • We flee the present and hide in the past or the future.
  • We enter the infinite doom loop: “what if…”
  1. A as Accept
  2. I as Investigate
  3. N as Non-Identify

Are you ready to welcome rain in your life again?

1. Recognize in what state of mind you are — In each situation, like when you are lost, hit the “find my state” button in the map of your mind.

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