In life, either we have reasons or results, not both. The CDE approach will give us results.

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Yes, you heard it right. We cannot have it both ways.

Before we dive into the Rolls Royce of life improvement, let’s do some spheres’ exploration.


Imagine that I give you two spheres.

And I raise the following request: Please fit the whole universe in those two spheres in the palm of your hands.

How would you react? Is it possible?

For most of us, this is an impossible task. Right?

Well, let me reframe the exercise.

If you were to split everything in your life, how many slices will you have?

The answer is quite simple: just two slices.

Wait, what? No way, I am complex; the world is complex; the universe in its whole is even another story.

Yes, I hear you. Let us take back the control of this question.

If e think about all the events in our lives, they generally fall into two categories:

There we have it; the two slices. Now we can put them in those two spheres waiting on the palms of your hands.

The 2 Spheres in life.

Recently I received a performance evaluation from my manager. I was not happy with the assessment as I felt it was unfair.

Is it a fair assessment? Or Not?

Whose fault is it? Why me? Why now? How dare she?

I could have spent years trying to find reasons why it was not a fair evaluation. That is one side of the story.

The dust did already settle on that performance review. I have no control over it.

I decided to take back the reins of that hurdle in my shoe.

I acknowledged that I had my fair share in the outcome. I have no control over the performance review system.

I am not in control of what other people think about me. I am in control of my reactions and my actions after that.

Either I am a thermometer or a thermostat.

Hopefully, for me, I did not put all my eggs in the same basket. I took that performance evaluation for a piece of information, among other information out there.

My life is not just about the cubical people want to put me in. At work, I have some other activities where I can get feedback.

In my personal life, I have different streams to bring joy into my life also.

I have my family and my children. I have my friends.

I have my volunteering activities to give back to my community from Toulouse, France, to Dakar, Senegal.

I have the content I create and share.

Never put all your eggs in the same basket.

Subscribe to multiple streaming services to bring joy into your life, be it professionally or personally.


If we take back the previous picture and link it to reasons or results, we have this:

Reasons or Results?

Focusing on what is out of our control will explain why we cannot achieve what we want to materialize in our lives.

On the contrary, bringing all our energy to what we control will expand our results’ sphere.

I am not advocating the grinding and hustle culture, just for the sake of it.

I intend to help us focus more on what we can control in a world that is unstable more than ever.

If we focus on what we can control, we will have more results.

By following the three steps below, we can bring more results in our life:

Ultimately we will increase the radius of our sphere of control.

Often we see the world as a sum of excuses or reasons why we cannot achieve things.

With the CDE approach, we will see the world as a multiverse of all our potentials.

1. C AS COMMITMENT — If we want results, commitment is the first step. If all our results are the world, commitment is the oxygen in it.

If we are not committed to what we are doing, we will abandon after the first roadblock.

We have to move forward no matter what, constantly adapting and finding a new way like a GPS.

2. D AS DISCIPLINE — Consistency beats intensity. We need to bring discipline to what we want to accomplish.

In the world of our results, discipline is the water.

Are you Marvel or DC? Thor or Aquaman? God of lightning or God of Water?

We derive more energy from water than from lightning because water will always flow, no matter what.

3. E AS EXECUTION — Execution is taking action. In the world of results, we can breathe; we can put our ship into the water.

If we don’t paddle, we won’t go anywhere.

Yes, maybe we might drift if we let the current drive us. But we are not sure of what we will get eventually.

Execution is the hidden energy, that invisible force that makes the difference between dreamers and action takers.

In life, either we have reasons or results. We cannot have both.

If we want to bridge the gap between what we control and what is beyond our control, we need commitment, discipline, and execution.

Only then can we expect to reap the fruits of the seeds we planted.

Writing this piece is a way for me to take action about my negative performance review.

I want to be the one defining the frame of who I am. I will never give the power to anyone to put me in a box.

Well, there is one exception: when I have my last breath on Earth.

Until then, be warned, no sword, no matter how sharp, can cut through me because I am like water.

How are you managing your sphere of influence?

How are you diversifying your streams of joy?

What are your tips to get more results and fewer reasons?

Leave a comment below.

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