Let us make sure to plant these 3 seeds to welcome a meaningful change in our life.

“Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.”


When was the last time you were confused?

How are you making chaos your life companion?

Are you having meaningful conversations?

I still remember his death. I see him die a thousand times each time I close my eyes. I can see the light switching off slowly and surely as I sit still on the sidelines behind the wall.

I want to be able to act and come to his rescue. I am clueless. I don’t know where to start.

His face will haunt my mind for the rest of my life. As I see the knee of the police officer bending his life into oblivion, I cannot fathom how a human being can do that to another living soul. The fact that his death was captured on a smartphone.

I needed to strike up a conversation about it right away. I was looking for words to express how I was feeling. I am not living in the US. I cannot pretend to have the same life experience as the Afro-Americans. As a Black person living in Europe, I don’t feel like the police threaten my life like the ones of George Floyd or Breonna Taylor and all the souls lost to police brutality and systemic racism.

I still asked myself what I could do to put the conversation on the table, at home, at work. I ended up creating a video to start that conversation. I did share it at work, and we did have a lot of discussions. Yet I don’t feel anything has changed yet for the Black experience in the US or even less in France or the rest of Europe.

CONVERSATION: The last step!

We are quick to go into conversation mode when something shatters our worldview. We feel the need to make our voice when the issue touches the heart of our being as a human.

We rush to one conversation before it is shadowed by another conversation. We live in a constant stream of information, one drama replacing the other, one tweet making the last one obsolete in seconds.

As humans, we can solve so many misalignments through an authentic and genuine conversation. Yet we feel so entitled to a conversation today that we rush to it. With social media, we can find it easy to just turn on the camera and post a face cam video on social platforms. We never take the time to breathe and assess this one-way conversation at face value.

Yet conversation is the last step of three to create meaningful change in our world.

CHAOS: The second step!

As humans, we are creatures of habits. We are quick to create shortcuts to think fast and often wrong. We do so because we are not comfortable with being surrounded by the chaos of the universe.

We create our worldview based on how we think the world should be. We forget that entropy is running the universe. We forget that there is little that we can do at scale. That does not mean that we must be idle in our sphere of influence. That just means that things happen as they do. They rarely happen as we wish they could.

In chaos is the beauty of the universe. In chaos is the hidden path to uncharted territories. In chaos is the way to quantum theories. In chaos is the order of the universe.

We need to be acquainted with embracing the chaos of life situations. We must not be quick to dismiss them as spam in the inbox of our minds.

Accepting the chaos created by an event will lead to a meaningful conversation.

CONFUSION: The initial step!

We spend most of our life avoiding confusion to the best of our ability. We love certainty and determinism. We love to sit on the sidelines of life and enjoy the steadiness of easy judgments as other people pass by us.

We will go the extra mile to preserve our limited and “clear” worldview. We will take so many crazy risks to protect the status quo because we are comfortable with it.

We will drown any dissonant cognitive idea in the abysses of our unconscious mind.

We don’t like to be confused. And we hate even more to be confused with someone else. We live in the deterministic world of gravity forces from Isaac Newton. We will pay with our souls to avoid the quantum forces of Albert Einstein. We like to be the center of our universe and not acknowledge how off-centered we are relative to each other.

Confusion is that singularity in the matrix of our life. Confusion is the inflection point to a brand new trajectory, full of new discoveries. Confusion is the door to new worlds beyond the roles we are framed with consciously or unconsciously.

Confusion is the first step that will lead to chaos where there are meaningful conversations that will change the world from within.

In summary, we can change not only our word but the world if we all go through the three following steps (in that order):

  1. Confusion,
  2. Chaos,
  3. Conversation.

The next time a life-changing event hits me, I will take the time to strike up a conversation with my confusion. I will let chaos surround me peacefully. I will have the courage to face that meaningful conversation without rushing.

I feel like we all can make the change the world needs if we can create the space for significant conversations. In those spaces, there will be confusion. There will be a light of chaos bleeding through the dark atmosphere. We must be ok to be able to breathe in such a unique environment to avoid bending the knee to other human beings’ throats.

We can only reap the fruit of a meaningful conversation by planting the seeds of confusion and chaos. Each bite of that fruit will be nectar to our minds. We will be nearest to the gods of change we have been waiting for, for so long.

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