Life will punch in the face: here are 5 steps to turn a KO into an OK!

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched on the face.”

–Mike Tyson

When was the last time you were KO?

Are you building resilience in your life?

Are you feeling OK today?

I woke up. I was lost. How long has it been?

I did not remember anything before the event.

It was like everything was wiped out of my head.

It lasted like hours for me.

I was maybe 8 years old. I was in the streets of Dakar, Senegal.

It was summer. We are not used to going elsewhere during summer.

We just use the streets as our playfield.

That day we were playing soccer on the main street of our neighborhood.

The thing is that it is the same street for cars.

I was knocked out by a cab that rendered me unconscious for a couple of minutes.

Reflecting on it now, I see that it is not such a big deal. Yet then, that could have been worse.

That moment was the closest to a Knock-Out (KO) I have ever been in my life.

Well, that is if we are talking about physical KO.

Mentally, like all of us, I have been suffering many KOs.

Each day, before the sunset, we are legions being KOed by life.

Each night, before the sunrise, life is waiting for us at the corner to get us cornered.

Like death, KOs are part of the life experience.

Contrary to wealth and opportunities, KOs are evenly distributed worldwide.

In this article, we will learn 5 steps to recover from a KO and get back to our feet.

When life stings our beings, we have to fight and not fly while dancing to the music of the universe.

Here are the 5 simple steps to transform a KO into an OK:

  1. Study our setbacks,
  2. Be our own constructive critic,
  3. Stop blaming luck,
  4. Blend resistance into experimentation,
  5. Find the good side in every situation.

1. STUDY OUR SETBACKS — We live a life where everything goes at the speed of light.

Our virtual meetings are flying worldwide at the speed of light.

We can be a hater to a stranger on the other side of planet Earth at the hit of a tweet.

Our cars are getting smarter, and we are getting closer to the FSD (Full Self Driving) eco-system.

As Humans, we are driven by forces that want us to travel as much as 10 times the frequency of biology.

We just fill our days with more meetings, scrolling, and material things.

We are that monkey mind jumping from one conspiracy theory to the other.

We are filling our days with work not to have time to reflect.

We don’t take time to learn from our setbacks. Yet it is the most efficient way to improve.

We continue making the same mistake. At the end of every day, we format our minds and start over the day after.

Our lives are a remake of Groundhog Day with one caveat.

While the character of Bill Murray learns from his mistakes, most of us are stuck on Day One of Groundhog Day.

So let us make sure that we make Groundhog Day the blueprint of our life.

2. BE OUR OWN CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIC — We spend most of our time criticizing other people.

As everybody is doing the same on the other side of the stick, we are like dogs with a bone.

As we are biting other people from the outside, we are the perpetrator from within.

Our external behavior and the way we treat others are just a pure reflection of how we treat ourselves.

We live in an era where we spend so much time holding on to what other people might think of us.

As we try to project externally the best version we think they want, we are beating ourselves internally.

Often we forgive other people’s shortcomings. We try to give them constructive feedback.

We believe that they can improve. Yet we forget to apply the same frame of thinking to us.

We need to learn to be our own constructive critic. We might have failed. We are not definitely a failure.

3. STOP BLAMING LUCK — Yes, there are many things that other people have just because they were lucky.

Maybe they were born in a healthy environment.

Maybe they come from a wealthy bloodline.

Maybe they were given more opportunities than us.

Maybe they are just more talented than us.

Maybe they were at the right place at the right moment.

And the list goes on.

Yes, that is a huge advantage. And we might wrongly think that we are not as lucky as them.

Yet even if we did not have a great start in life, we still can write the end.

We can move to a new neighborhood. We can improve our diet. We can change our friends and be surrounded by more people we want in life.

We can learn how to improve a little bit every single day.

All of the previous steps will put things in motion beyond our imagination. And we will create our own luck eventually.

4. BLEND RESISTANCE INTO EXPERIMENTATION — We procrastinate because we are afraid to start.

We will spend so much time thinking about all the ways things can go south. Yet all of those scenarios are just potential things that could happen.

The only way to know what will happen is to start.

We have to reframe the way we do things. We have to see ourselves as students of life.

And the best way to learn is definitely to experiment.

If we see our next project as an experiment, we can learn from the outcome.

We will not see it as a life-death situation. Because the project might fail does not make us a failure.

Scientists are conducting millions of experiences every single day. Most of those experiments will fail.

We are still looking for a single scientist that goes home to beat themselves up because the experiment failed.

They elevate themselves from the stakes of the experiment. They put themselves as observers and learners.

Life must be experienced through experimentation.

Shatter resistance by reframing it to experimentation.

5. FIND THE GOOD SIDE IN EVERY SITUATION — Everything happens the way it should. That is the way of the universe.

Nothing happens because of us or against us. Things just happen.

We can see things as “bad” because they clash with our expectations of what should have happened.

We feel disappointment, anger, or frustration. All of those feelings result from the glasses through which we are experiencing our world.

We can deliberately choose not to systematically see the “‘bad” side in what happens to us.

We can see every situation that happens to us as an opportunity to learn, grow, and have a different view of what life can be.

Nothing that happens in the universe is good or bad by design. It just happens.

It is up to us to put on adequate lenses to see the light beyond the darkness.

Because where there is darkness, there is light.

It takes courage to find the good side in every situation: be that kind of person.

Life will punch us in the face at some point in our lives.

We might be knocked out, and it might last a second or the whole round.

By applying the 5 simple steps below, we can crawl back to our knees and stand to face life again:

  1. Study our setbacks,
  2. Be our own constructive critic,
  3. Stop blaming luck,
  4. Blend resistance into experimentation,
  5. Find the good side in every situation.

Life will get you cornered, and these are the 5 punches that will turn a potential KO into a resilient OK!

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