Make sure to be the master of those 5 simple things in life if you don’t want to be mastered by your circumstances.

“Understand what you can control and what you can’t. Forget about the things you can’t control and put that energy into the things you can control.”

Shane Parrish

Are you taking care of the computer of your life?

Are you updating it regularly?

Are you making sure that it is fully charged?

Each morning, I have the same routine.

I woke up half an hour before the family. Exercising is the first thing I do.

Then I sit down and write my journal to lay out the day’s blueprint to direct my mind.

I sometimes do not feel like I am capable of doing some things. I’ll try anyway.

I realized that my time was limited. So I will start doing things. I jump with faith.

Knowing where I came from, knowing where I am today, those two things have given me the power of gratitude.

We all are bombarded every day by changes and challenges of all shapes and forms.

Most of us are like those boats wrecked by the storm surrounding them.

We live our lives like a leaf drifting randomly. We hope to arrive at that beautiful and joyful destination.

Yet, we let ourselves be at the mercy of the elements of life.

I am not saying that we should resist change. On the contrary, we must embrace change.

Yet, we should be faithless in our capability to shape our destiny with our actions. We can create our luck at a certain point.

To do so, we need to build resilience and movement into our life by mastering the 5 following areas:

  • Our physical body,
  • Our mind,
  • Our limiting beliefs,
  • Our Procrastination,
  • Our gratitude.

Only then can we be deliberate about our actions and build the belief that we can contribute to our destiny.

OUR PHYSICAL BODY — We have only one vessel for our journey in this part of the universe. We need to take care of our body and build it to have more energy to be on the acting side of life.

We can achieve it by eating healthy, by exercising daily.

Only by taking care of our body can we make sure that we preserve our physical health, which is the foundation of everything else in life.

Often we tend to forget to take care of our physical body. And we come to that realization when it is too late.

Like the planet Earth, we can speculate about the existence of life after death or other exoplanets where we could go and start over again.

And that is all it is: speculation.

What are we doing right now to preserve our physical health?

OUR MIND — If the body is the hardware, the mind is the software of our beings. We would have the best hardware in the world.

Without functioning software, we are just empty shells. Everything is physically connected. Yet, there is no proper information flow because our software is either nonexistent or flawed with bugs.

We need to feed our minds as we feed our bodies. We need to ingest healthy knowledge, exercise our mind, challenge it to grow.

We need to water our minds, make them grow. We must not let it hang out dry of experiences and the nectar of life.

Like parachutes, our mind works better when it is open.

Challenging the perspectives we are provided with, defying the status-quo when needed contribute to making our minds grow.

What are we feeding our minds with every day?

OUR LIMITING BELIEFS — If our mind is the software, our limiting beliefs are viruses infecting our operating system.

We need to implement antivirus and firewalls to protect our minds from those limiting beliefs.

An antivirus will protect us from internal limiting beliefs we cast in ourselves.

We may think that we are not worthy of joy or success. We might doubt ourselves by telling ourselves stories that nothing is possible.

We have to build the internal belief that it is possible. If others have done it, we can take inspiration and develop our definitions of joy and success.

A firewall will protect us from limiting beliefs that the external world will try to project into us.

People will doubt us or try to project their limiting beliefs into us. They will try to make us feel like we are nothing.

We must be aware of what it is: their opinions about us.

We must not let their opinions become our reality, thanks to our firewall.

What are the limiting beliefs that lock your mind?

OUR PROCRASTINATION — By refusing to upgrade our system to the latest available software, we are depriving ourselves of the new features that could empower us to be more and to do more.

This is what procrastination is: the deliberate lowering of the stakes of our life because we are afraid to leave our comfort zone.

Our comfort zone is our dead zone. We can’t expect different results from the environment that is making us feel miserable.

Each time we procrastinate, we are letting our fear lock us up into self-misery.

All we need is to start. We can create for 5 minutes, as simple as that.

If we imagine that the lives of our loved ones will vanish each time we procrastinate, we will be more on the action side.

Yet each time we procrastinate, we are letting an exceptional loved one die: us!

Why are we locking ourselves upon the death row of procrastination?

OUR GRATITUDE — Gratitude is the renewable energy of that machine we call our life. Often we are connected to the grid. Sometimes we are on battery.

When surrounded by the right people, in the right environment, we are connected to their grid of energy.

Yet sometimes, we are on our own. We can only rely on the batteries we carry with us as a source of energy.

Gratitude is that contactless source of energy that will recharge our batteries.

On top of that, being grateful will help us see the world with new glasses every day.

Indeed we do not see the world as it is. We see it as we are. And gratitude will help us harness the positive energy in the universe.

Energy goes where attention goes. By focusing our body and mind on the alternative universe of gratitude, we see things positively.

What are we not harnessing the power of gratitude, free positive energy?

We are like the computers that we are using to amplify our impact.

We have our physical body as our hardware.

We have our mind as our software and operating system.

We have our limiting beliefs as viruses trying to infect us.

We have our procrastination as our refusal to be up to date, risking obsolescence.

We have gratitude as our source of positive energy to recharge our batteries when we are off-grid.

We are all connected in a big universe called life on Earth.

We need to ensure that we are equipped with the right toolsets not to be locked away or be used as a bot for other people’s interests.

By mastering our physical body, our mind, our limiting beliefs, our procrastination, and our gratitude, we are up to date to bring value to our own life.

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