SSC, the 3 instruments to build your amazing and unique life symphony!

Ahmadou DIALLO ✪
7 min readFeb 4, 2021

In this article, we will explore 3 simple yet efficient ways to approach our life to make it the sweeter music to our ears.

But first, let me tell you a story that happened lately.

Him: What should I do next?

Me: I don’t know. I cannot decide.

Him: Now is the time, Sir. After it will be too late.

Me: Yes I know. It is just that my mind is not clear.

Him: But Sir, it is a simple “Yes” or “No” question.

Me: Well, maybe for you. For me, it is a life-changing decision.

Him: Do you want to sit down a little bit, and think about it?

Me: Yes, but not here. Do you have a quiet place where I can go?

Him: We have a bathroom if you want. This is the only private place in the store.

Me: Ok, thank you. I will be back in 10 minutes.

Him: Take your time, Sir. The car is not going anywhere….

30 minutes later…

Me, coming back from the bathroom: I still did not make my mind.

Him: But Sir, we are in a toy store. I am sure that your godson will be ok with whatever car you choose.

Me: Yes, you are maybe right. But I don’t know which color he prefers.

Him: Red or green, I am sure that he will still take more time to unwrap it than to play with it.

Me: Ok, let me call my wife. She is better than me for this kind of stuff.

5 minutes later…

Me: I will take the red one.

Him: Why red, Sir?

Me: Because, as my wife reminded me, my godson is color-blind.

Information overload, Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), inability to make simple decisions, we all have been there.

As our brain is bombarded with ads, an unlimited amount of breakfast cereals, notifications on our smartphones, relentless stream of 24/7 cable network news, we feel overwhelmed.

And naturally, our brain cut the juice to protect us. And here we are on freeze mode for a…



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