The 3 most expensive gifts in life: Make sure they are not on your deathbed.

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“How many ghosts are gonna be around your bed when your time comes?”

Denzel Washington

How are you investing your time correctly?

How worthy is a dead talent?

Why are you clinging to those treasures?

I want that car. I want that beautiful house by the sea. I want that amazing title at work. I want to be rich, crazy rich.

I want many cars. I want many houses. I want many titles. I want more money than I could spend in my lifetime.

Yes, I am guilty of those thoughts. I confess that I am tempted to sneak peek at what other people have, their success, fame, and wealth.

Yet there is a catch. There are two.

First, we all display more of our successes than our failures. We love to downplay the role luck, our environment, and many other factors beyond our control played in our success.

We might have paid a hefty price physically, mentally, and emotionally to get that car, that house, that title, and that amount of cash.

Second, we cannot take it with us.

To quote my mentor, Denzel Washington, again:

You will never see a U-haul behind a hearse. You can’t take it with you.

I remember seeing a picture of Steve Jobs in his last days on Earth, battling his pancreatic cancer.

I believe that at that time, his Apple stocks were worth 4 $Billions.

He did not take it with him.

We all want those things that life lends us for a short time, our glimpse in the eye of the universe.

We all know that we cannot take it with us, wherever after death is for us.

As life gives us those 3 following gifts, we must always pay it forward.

We must make sure that we spend those gifts on other people before our time comes.

Those 3 gifts are:

  • Our Time,
  • Our Talents,
  • Our Treasures

OUR TIME — We all spend our most valuable asset in life and exchange it with a basic commodity.

We all might have heard: “Time is money!

Well, I beg to differ. Time is life. Money is just a commodity, an agreed-upon piece of paper to exchange goods.

How much does one minute cost?

Imagine that you are on your deathbed; your loved one is one minute late before Thanos snaps you.

How many billions of (put the most valuable currency of your time here) are you ready to give to just have that extra minute to say goodbye to your loved one?

Most of us spend a ridiculous amount of our time chasing money. Not only that, yet we hold on to that money as if we will bring it with us once we leave this Earth.

Some of us understand that money is just a commodity and that its value lies before the eyes of the beholder.

We give it away to help other people in their ride, to make it more smooth.

The wisest of us cherish our time because we value it more than money. And we are also generous with our time with others.

We know that one minute, one second given, cannot be taken back.

As we are gifted with more time, we must share that time with our loved ones, communities, and people who can benefit from our entire presence.

OUR TALENTS — We spend 10 000 hours or decades mastering one skill or developing many skills.

We might turn those skills into talents. We think to ourselves: I have so many years/hours developing this unique talent.

Now it is payoff time. I will use this talent to advance my agenda. I will make it only serve me.

Maybe we can use that talent for the greater good. No, you should not give it away for free. You have worked hard to get there.

Yet we can give some of it to help others for free.

We can use that talent for a limited time to help those who are not fortunate enough to have been blessed with our grit, luck, environment, or blessing circumstances.

How much is the talent of a dead person worth?

Pretty close to zero. Maybe we can be selfish or not eager to share that talent as we are alive.

Yet we can document how we got there. We can write down all the steps (and the luck) on our way to greatness.

It might be nothing for you. Yet it can serve as a blueprint for generations after your last breath on Earth.

OUR TREASURES — We accumulate a ridiculous amount of things that we think we own. Ultimately those things are the real owners of our souls.

We spend time and energy collecting those treasures in life. We want many of them.

We often want many of the same items. For example, we want 2 or 3 houses. We want 5 cars.

A treasure can also be as simple as an old phone in a drawer or a pair of old glasses. We all possess some items that can be treasures to us, and we hold tight to them.

Many times, we accumulate things in our garages, our backyards. Each day, we wake up. We find satisfaction in seeing all our possessions before our eyes.

Time passes by. All those items decay slowly but surely. Eventually, we get rid of them as rotten tomatoes in the landfill.

We consume too much food and throw away half of what we produce. At the same time, billions of people on Earth are starving or have only one meal a day.

What are the treasures we can give away as we cannot take them with us anyway?

We can all give away some of our treasures, material or immaterial ones. If we are lucky enough to reach a certain level in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, we have to pay it forward.

ONE MORE THING: OUR PRAYERS — Yes, you were not expecting that. We started with Steve Jobs. That is an homage to his keynotes.

Prayers go beyond the religious realm.

Most of us define the universe in terms of matter, time and space.

That is only one scientific way to describe our universe.

There is another way. Our universe is about energy, frequency, and vibrations.

Every day we are using energy to transform matter into products.

Every day, we go about our day by having some frequent habits as time passes by.

Every day, we occupy spaces and are surrounded by people vibrating at a certain level.

Why should we pray even if we do not believe in a higher celestial being?

To pray is as simple as sending positive energy to another human being.

The act of praying is to wish others to vibrate in a positive frequency.

Sending prayers in any shape or form is the gift of human consciousness to another being.

When we pray, we are looking to vibrate at the same frequency as our universe.

That is the power of praying. That is the best gift we can send to people, even if they have left this part of the universe.

After all, we are all made of the same cloth as the universe. We are not dead.

We are just being blended back with the atoms that created our material form in the first place.

If we are lucky to be able to pay forward our time, our talents, our treasures, and our prayers, we must do it right now.

Because we cannot take it with us!

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