The only Triumvirate that needs truth and reconciliation: Beyond Me, Myself and I.

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“The ultimate power in life is to be completely self-reliant, completely yourself.”

Robert Greene

Are you feeding into your dark matter?

Are you harnessing your dark energy?

Are you diverging or converging?

I am in my last year in high school at Lycée Lamine Gueye, in Dakar, Senegal. I can hear what she says.

Yet I struggle to grasp the concept. I cannot wrap my head around the concept of “Me, Myself and I”.

I am the only one. I am only one.

I love philosophy. But I feel like she is stretching the concept a little bit.

Figure 01: Me, Myself, and I.

She explains:

  • ME” is how the world sees me,
  • I” is who I am, truly,
  • MYSELF” is blending “ME” with “I”.

Huh! That is confusing, I said in my head.

That was the 19 years old me talking.

Now that I am 41 as I am writing this article, I have come to almost understand the concept.

Yet another challenge is arising before me as I grasp the co-existence of those 3 beings within me.

The Triumvirate of Masks in our life.

Before we deep dive, let’s explore another perspective. To do so, let’s go to Japan.

There is a Japanese proverb that reads:

We have three faces. The first face, we show to the world. The second face, we show to your close friends and your family. The third face, we never show anyone.

As I read this proverb, I like to reflect on which part of “Me, Myself and I” is wearing those different faces.

The face we show to the world is nothing compared to the face we show to our friends and family.

And the face we never show to anyone in the whole universe compared to the observable universe is the face seen by our friends and family; the face we show to the world in the Milky Way compared to the other 2 faces.

We spend so much time and energy maintaining the 2 visible masks and even more to try to hide our true face from the world.

A question we can ask is:

“How much energy could we save if we could make those three intersections bigger?”

ME, MYSELF, and I, the divergence that needs to convergence.

The answer to the question above can be found in exploring further the concept of “Me, Myself and I.”


Figure 02: ME or How the world perceives me.

I might try to show a specific face to the world. Yet the world has its own course.

The way other people perceive me is quite different from the way I think they perceive me.

I have spent most of my time and energy trying to build the perfect persona to broadcast to the world.

All I received from the external environment is a blurry shadow that I could not grasp, a shapeshifting being that morphs, day in, day out.


Figure 03: I, or my true self.

This being is the one I refer to when I say the two most powerful in the English language.

Those words are simply: “I AM…”

I am my beliefs. I am my thoughts. I am my unconscious mind. I am what remains when everything else is ripped away.

I am the core of everything that makes me a whole being.

I am my values. I am my fears. I am my successes.

I am my failures. I am my habits. I am my lies.

I am my truth. I am the light into my darkness.

I am the darkness that amplifies my shine.


Figure 04: MYSELF, or my perceived self.

Myself is the villain in my story. Well, kind of.

I should say that Myself is the conflict in my story.

Myself is nothing bad. Myself is just trying to connect “Me” with “I”.

Myself is the window through which the light of “Me” is glowing in my dark “I”.

While “Me” is made from dark energy, “I” uses the forces of dark matter to resist.

When those 2 giants collide, there is not enough space in me to hold them together.

There is no room for truth and reconciliation. There is only sorrow and disintegration.


You can always fit any triangle into a circle. That is the Norm in Mathematics!

We are often conflicted in life because the triangle of the “Me, Myself, and I” is a beast that feeds from our insecurities, the lies we tell ourselves, the ignorance of our blindspot.

We need to constrain that triangle beast into a circle. We know it is possible.

There is one circle in our universe which is the perfect fit.

Each time that triangle grows bigger than that circle, we are out of control.

If the triangle is in the circle of things outside of our control, we are divergent.

We need to fit it back into the circle of things within our control.

There are only 2 ways to do that: one is hard and the other one is easy.

The hard way:

The harder way is trying to make our circle of control bigger. Yes, it is possible, yet less probable.

This is simply because the universe is expanding faster than we could expand our circle of control.

The easy way:

The easy way is to try to reduce the size of the triangle so that it can fit within our circle of control.

Figure 05: The converging divergence.

It is easy because it requires less energy.

Indeed one simple way to achieve such a result is to make sure that we are broadcasting our true self to the world.

We reduce the friction, hence the distance, between “Me” and “I”.

“Myself” workload is reduced because there is no huge tension between who I am and how the world perceives me.

Coming back to the Japanese saying, we are only working on blending those 3 faces into one that can fit into our face.

The less we need to change masks, the less conflicted we are, the less energy we need to maintain such a swapping act.

We can finally make our divergent triumvirate converge within our circle of control.

Yes, it is a lifelong journey. Yet it is a sustainable one because that is the way of optimum resistance.

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