The ultimate battle of Humans against Humans: Doings vs Beings.

Photo by Shubham Verma on Unsplash

She is “Arab”. He is “Black”. She is “Asian”. They all have something in common. They work at Airbus. They are leading in their field. Everybody takes advantage, multiple times in a day, of their hard work. Yet if you ask them, they will tell you that they feel like they don’t exist.

Her name is Fatima. His name is Omar. Her name is Cindy. Fatima is working as a cleaning agent taking care of the toilets in the building. Omar is taking care of the garbage in offices and in the corridor of my building. Cindy is serving me food at the cantina each midday, always with a smile.

I always say “Hi” to them with a smile. To me, they matter. Because some members of my family living in Paris, France do those kinds of jobs. And I can relate to the pain, the invisibility cloth that is wrapped around their soul at the workplace.

When the West was hit by Covid-19, as everybody was running back home to a safe place, those “essential workers” were forced to work amid the pandemic. Because they are at the crossroad of what is essential to us and because they need it.

In this article, I will examine how we, as Humans, went from Human beings to Human doings.

Just for the sake of this article, let us assume that we have to put everybody in one of those 2 armies.

ASS, THE HUMAN DOING ARMY — With the industrial revolution of the 19th century, the triumph of free markets and capitalism in the 20th century, we have defined the perfect Human as a doer. This Human Doing has 3 main assets.

Those 3 assets are ASS:

Achievement — We all go around with our trophies pinned in our Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter chests. This ladies and gentlemen is my achievement. More money, more material things, more cars, more big houses, more money. We believe that the more we achieve, based on this inferno of more or more, the more we are valuable compared to those who have not achieved that much.

Speed — We always want more, faster than we can digest it, more than how much the Earth can produce. We want the fastest cars to go from our empty houses to our empty hearts. We want the fastest internet connections to watch memes and Netflix. We want money fast so that we can show others how much we matter. We want to live faster than the speed of light and accumulate wealth in a blink of an eye.

Success — We all want our moment of fame. We adore famous and successful people. We live in a society where we want success at all costs. We are ready to sit on our values, on common sense, just for a like, a blink in the wall of flashes. We have the new gods that share their Insta, their Snaps of life with us. While they are trying to comfort themselves by sharing with the mortals what they have achieved, those semi-gods can still feel the vacuum of this kind of success.

This is the Human Doing army. Their motto: We do until we die. This is what I call the “ASS” army. Their mission in life is to always produce more, accumulate more. And today, they are ruling the world. They are the ones in power, the ones that have our world in the palm of their hands.

And Covid-19 hit the world in 2019, the doers just dropped it and went back to their shelters. They summoned the other half to do the essential work so that they can survive, waiting for the world to come back to their normal. They could resume just doing what they did before.

UPS, THE HUMAN BEING ENTITY — If you have asked before the Covid-19, how the ASS army sees the “essential workers”, they would have labeled them as:

Yet the UPS entity is what is lifting us up. Let me explain.

Useless — We all think that essential workers are the ones that have been in the frontline of Covid-19 battlefield. And if we see how much we rank them, based on the ASS currency, aka money, they are at the bottom. It is almost as if those people are useless from the predominant perspective in our society today. Yet we all are happy that they are here today so that our lockdown is sweeter thanks to Amazon Prime.

Poor — A lot of people with limited material possessions are labeled as poor in the ASS society. Don’t have that big house, that fancy car, that nice cloth, your voice does not matter. Not born with the right passport, sorry your life is disposable if needed. Once again, essential workers are the victim of being “poor”. After all, if they cannot be successful, it is their own fault because everybody can achieve anything.

Simple — Simple, Stupid? The shortcut is deeply rooted in our collective unconsciousness. For the ASS army, everything has to be complex and elaborate. After all, we all want our “cuisine” to be “rafinée”. As we add more complexity to our world every day, we cannot imagine those simple people to catch it, or even to be able to contribute as much as the ASS army.

Yet if we look closer, the best moments of our life are those where we were useless, poor, and simple. When we are kids, we are useless for society as we are just a “cost center”. Obviously, we are “poor” because everything is provided to us by our parents. And as kids, we build our joy on simple things.

This is the Human Being entity. Their motto: We show up every day, no matter what. This is the real army, the resilient entity, the one that stands because they are essential to the existence of Humans on Earth.

They are not Useless, they are Unshakable.

They are not Poor, they are Power.

They are not Simple, they are Sacred.

I choose to be useless because, by definition, the world does not need me to exist. So it is not even a choice, it is a fact.

I am poor and will always be. As a Human being, poor I was born, poor I will die.

I am simple because this is the way of life, this is the way of what lasts.

Our essential workers are just the tip of the iceberg of Human beings in this world.

If you choose contribution over accumulation, you are a being, not just a doing.

If you choose far over fast, you are a being, not just a doing.

If you choose simplicity over complexity, you are a being, not just a doing.

To all the Fatimas, Omars, and Cindys out there, you are the true heroes of my life. Every day you come, you clean my soul, you clean my mind and you clean my body. You do it with a smile, you do it with kindness, you do it with simplicity.

You are my UPS when my ASS is down.

Are you more doing or more being?

How essential do you think you are in this universe?

How do you lift others UPS?

Leave a comment below.

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Photo by Shubham Verma on Unsplash



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