These are the 3 best features for your next iteration in life.

“It never ceases to amaze me: we all love ourselves more than other people but care more about their opinion than our own.”

Marcus Aurelius

What if we could trust ourselves as we are?

What if we can be crazy rich in some shape or form?

What if there is another way to go?

As my life goes by, I always reflect while trying to be present, which is the best gift for myself and others.

We all have the opportunity to be reborn every day when we rise from the dead.

In this new iteration of mine, I am always haunted by all the things I could have been.

I am questioning how much is enough. I am looking for the ultimate nectar of the gods: an infinite source of wealth.

As I go by the day, I see some ghosts around me. They are not frightening. Tiny little beings are hanging on the lifeline of my life.

I have been exploring the reality of what I can do better, what I can do differently and what I need to stop doing.

I am always on the move. Yet I want to hit pause and be present. I want to pay it forward. I wonder who I am playing the game for.

As war is raging within all the beings from within, I strive to be a better human being. No matter the shadow behind the wheel, I trust that he has our well-being at heart.

We all have been asking ourselves so many questions about self-improvement.

We all have been looking for the magic wand to make all our fears disappear.

We all have held some drops of water way too long. Now our heart is vibrating with the pain we hold in our hands.

We can all get the superheroes we have been waiting for. We just need the courage to summon them out of the mirror we are holding in front of us.

Let us explore 3 ways to help us become the superheroes we all have been waiting for.

1. THE BEST TIME TO START IS NOW: QUANTITY IS BETTER THAN QUALITY — As customers, we love to buy quality products.

We work hard, and we treat ourselves with some quality goods.

We admire people because we believe that they have superhuman qualities. We worship them and their products.

I love Apple products. I am not an Apple fanboy. (Maybe this is what every Apple fanboy says.)

I love the user experience they provide me with.

I love reading books. I feel like I will never be able to produce such fantastic work.

Often I felt that I could not climb the mountain. Yet I was sitting at its edge, yes sitting, not even standing up and walking.

There are many polarizing themes in this world. And quantity versus quality is one of them.

Should we prepare for 10 years to deliver a masterpiece?

Should we focus on the process and deliver 10 iterations in that decade?

I was on the quality side for so many years. And all I delivered for decades was just in my imagination. I fooled myself into believing that I was a genius.

As I was getting into my 40s, my mid-life crisis kicked in. Finally, I understood that there is not only one way to deliver a masterpiece in life.

I understood that by creating 10 videos, 10 articles, my 11th one would be far better than my first one.

We will never get anything done when we focus on waiting for all the stars to be aligned.

We need to focus on quantity first. Then we will reach a certain level of quality if we are deliberate in our craft.

We must focus on quantity because we are delivering in the present. Unfortunately, focusing on quality is often a dream that serves as an excuse.

Start now. Start where you are. The more you output, the more your feedback loop will improve your input.

Quantity outperforms quality when paired with deliberate intention.


Some millions of years ago, we could not strive or even survive alone. Since then, we have settled and tried to build a better world for us, for our communities.

Yes, some bad apples are trying to tear us apart. Yet we know that we can be better and do better.

We have references in the past where we came together to fight for what we believed was not just: wars, racial injustice, malnutrition, the Ozone whole, etc.

All of these victories do not mean that we are done. On the contrary, today, we are facing new challenges daily.

Those things highlight the power of the community, our people, and every human being on Earth.

Yet we must come to a point where we are mimicking big western corporations. We have outsourced so many core skills that we are naked before the storm.

We have lost our basic survival skills. Indeed, we rely on other people and our environment to have our best intentions in mind.

We tend to forget that we can also be at the center of our life: we can be the architect of our experience in the matrix.

As with quantity versus quality, we underestimate what we can do in a day. We often overestimate what we can do in a decade.

Daily improvement beats a decade of planning and dreaming.

I often have been a victim of the planning fallacy. Yes, a five-year plan is excellent. But it does not translate into daily actionable things to get there; it will stay a dream.

I am more focused on things I can do today to improve myself. I vaguely know where I want to be five years from now.

I don’t want my future self to be worse than who I am today because I failed to improve myself daily.

Yes, I rely on other people to give me a hand now and then. But I need to do the work first every single day.

Relying on others solely is the worst investment in our being. It is out of our control. We must first rely on ourselves and build sustainable systems that will equip us with the energy we need to move forward.

Only then will the universe pay us dividends in the form of luck, opportunities, and people that will steer our life’s trajectory in the direction that will serve us.

3. FORGIVENESS IS THE BEST DRUG IN LIFE: OTHERS AND YOURSELF — Each tile we are hurt, we receive a pebble directly in our hearts.

Generally, we pick that stone and put it straight into the bag of our grudges. And then we hold on to it for the rest of our lives.

As life goes by, our bag goes from weighing some grams to some thousand tones.

Each time we get hurt, we put a pebble in the bag. Each time we recall that act, it is like pouring sand into a bag. Each time we lament about it, we add water to the bag.

Then we carry that heavy bag our whole life. And that big bag requires a tremendous amount of energy to move around.

That is a hefty price to pay for a prize just for lamentations.

I am terrible at forgiveness. That is why I put it on the podium of my Top Ten values in life.

Regarding creativity, my EQ (Emotional Quotient) is over the roof.

When it comes to forgiveness, I am naked, unskilled, and have the emotional capacity of a toddler.

I have been hurt by some people I admire, some I love, some I trust, and some I respect.

I have hurt some people I admire, love, trust, and respect.

I am not always the adult in the room when it comes to forgiveness.

I also need to forgive that one person who is not (yet) mature enough to let things go: the person in the mirror.

Yes, we often forget to forgive ourselves while we accept apologies from other people and move on.

We must not forget our shortcomings because we need to learn from them.

We must forgive ourselves and free our minds and soul from that heavy baggage to be more agile in life.

In summary, here are the 3 tips to improve your new iteration daily:

  1. The best time to start is now: quantity is better than quality,
  2. Self-reliance is the only reliable and sustainable resource: Improve yourself daily,
  3. Forgiveness is the best drug in life: others and yourself.

I was once asked a question: Imagine that you are the last person standing on Earth. And before you leave, you must pass on a message to the next generation.

What would you write on that piece of paper?

If I were to leave this world today, there were 3 things I would pass on to those after me:

“Quantity breeds quality; daily improvement is empowerment, and forgiveness is the ultimate wealth.”

How would you have answered the question above? I am curious.

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