These are the 6 infinity stones to ultimate creativity: chase them, assemble them and be the creator you have been looking for.

“I am possible!”

“I am open-minded!”

“ I am improving!”

“I am capable!”

“I am all ears!”

“I am diverse!”

What are the 2 most powerful words in the English language?

I have always questioned positive affirmations. For me, it is like trying to find which is first: the egg or the hen?

You are so creative. How can you sustain it in the distance?

In this article, I will share the 6 steps I always follow to summon my creativity.

It involves positive affirmation.

But before, have you met FBR?

No, FBR is not FDR — Franklin D. Roosevelt went wrong!

FBR is the weapon of mass creation. It is my weapon of choice when it comes to building full steam to my creativity.

If you have been writing, you are familiar with what is called creator block. You sit, and you try to come up with one word.

Nothing comes out.

When it happens to me, I call my friend FBR.

My writing process is quite simple.

Each time I have an idea of an article, I create a note on my Google Keep app on my smartphone.

When I started writing, I created a Google doc where I would write my articles directly.

This workflow has one main advantage: no accidental loss of my work because of a bad manipulation, a crash of my computer.

God bless the cloud!

At some point, my Google doc became way too long. As I am using Grammarly to assist me in my writing process, it took ages to write directly on the main doc.

I created a buffer Google doc, an “article temp” to serve as a buffer.

Each time I have finished writing the article, I will check it with Grammarly.

I used to write and use Grammarly at the same time; it was not efficient. I had to stop each time to do some corrections.

Now I use the FBR method to have my first draft.

Then once the article is published, I will clear my “article temp” document and start over.

Thanks to FBR, I am not afraid of the blank page.

FBR stands for:

  1. F as Fast
  2. B as Bad
  3. R as wRong

1. F AS FAST — Write your first draft fast. Just make sure that you have set up a simple routine to start writing. Kill all other distractions.

For me, I put my smartphone on silent mode. I put my laptop on focus mode. I put on my headsets and listen to the same playlist on Spotify.

2. B AS BAD — Don’t take care about spelling errors or bad punctuations. Bad is the new best thing to embrace when creating. Bad first, bad early, bad fast.

I choose to write in English, which is not my native language. I am a native French speaker. I wrote in English to keep it simple. I cannot use complicated words. I don’t know them.

3. R AS wRONG — your first draft might have a poor structure. It might not get the proper form. Yet it is OK as long as you keep on creating.

My first draft is not quite structured as my second or my third draft. And my published article has the soul of the first draft. That’s all.

I” and “Am” is the answer to the question before: What are the 2 most powerful words in the English language?

The 6 infinity stones to creativity.

I love the MCU — Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Avengers Endgame, Thanos searches for the 6 Infinity stones to create his vision of the universe.

If you want to harness the ultimate power of creativity, make sure to assemble those stones on your infinity gauntlet:

  1. Soul stone: Believe it can be done, I’m possible.
  2. Time stone: Don’t let tradition paralyze your mind, I’m open-minded.
  3. Reality stone: Ask yourself: “How can I do better?” I’m improving.
  4. Power stone: Ask yourself: “How can I do more?” I’m capable.
  5. Space stone: Practice asking and listening: I’m all ears.
  6. Mind stone: Stretch your mind, get stimulated: I’m all diverse.
  1. SOUL STONE: BELIEVE IT CAN BE DONE, I’M POSSIBLE — Believing is being. The moment you believe that what you have in your head can become a reality, you are giving it energy in your reality.

2. MIND STONE: DON’T LET TRADITION PARALYZE YOUR MIND: I’M OPEN MINDED — Imagination is everything. The two following people are always right: the one who believes that nothing is possible and the one who believes that everything is possible.

3. REALITY STONE: ASK YOURSELF: “HOW CAN I DO BETTER?” I’M IMPROVING — If you think that you cannot improve, you are either not a human or you are lying to yourself. There is always a way to improve ourselves if we really want to.

4. POWER STONE: ASK YOURSELF: “HOW CAN I DO MORE?” I’M CAPABLE — Without falling into the hustle culture, there is always a way to do more. Start small, improve, work smart, and not always hard. Prioritize, learn how to say “no,” embrace minimalism: less is more.

5. SPACE STONE: PRACTICE ASKING AND LISTENING: I’M ALL EARS — If you are learning, you are not growing. Be a student of life. Take any interaction with people, any life experience as an opportunity to learn. The universe is singing. Make sure to listen and learn.

6. TIME STONE: STRETCH YOUR MIND, GET STIMULATED: I’M ALL DIVERSE — Be diverse in the content you consume. Be diverse in the people you interact with. Be diverse in the place you go. Be diverse in the times you travel to. Be limitless, like the universe. To be stimulated is to be alive.

With the FBR method, I implement it. With the 6 infinity gems of creativity, I find an endless stream of ideas and subjects as inspirations for my craft.

“I am possible! I am open-minded! I am improving! I am capable! I am all ears! I am diverse!”

I AM !

Are you?

Are you experiencing creator block?

Do you have a systematic creator workflow?

Are you tapping into your shine for the world to see?

Leave a comment below.

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