These are the 6 infinity stones to ultimate creativity: chase them, assemble them and be the creator you have been looking for.

Photo by Alex Radelich on Unsplash

“I am possible!”

“I am open-minded!”

“ I am improving!”

“I am capable!”

“I am all ears!”

“I am diverse!”

But before, have you met FBR?

No, FBR is not FDR — Franklin D. Roosevelt went wrong!

God bless the cloud!

At some point, my Google doc became way too long. As I am using Grammarly to assist me in my writing process, it took ages to write directly on the main doc.

  1. B as Bad
  2. R as wRong

The 6 infinity stones to creativity.

I love the MCU — Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Avengers Endgame, Thanos searches for the 6 Infinity stones to create his vision of the universe.

  1. Time stone: Don’t let tradition paralyze your mind, I’m open-minded.
  2. Reality stone: Ask yourself: “How can I do better?” I’m improving.
  3. Power stone: Ask yourself: “How can I do more?” I’m capable.
  4. Space stone: Practice asking and listening: I’m all ears.
  5. Mind stone: Stretch your mind, get stimulated: I’m all diverse.

I AM !

Are you?



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