These are the only bees you need to build a sustainable hive in your life.

“Everyone faces up more bravely to a thing for which he has long prepared himself, sufferings, even, being withstood if they have been trained for in advance.

Those who are unprepared, on the other hand, are panic-stricken by the most insignificant happenings.”


What are you doing to be prepared?

Are you a lost soul wandering in the field of life?

Are you looking at the rearview?

The steaks are high.

I am standing there. My lips are shrinking. My fingers are being paralyzed.

Each second passing by, I can feel colder and colder.

I did not get the memo.”, I said.

Did you read the email I sent?” she screamed calmly to me.

Well, I did read it quickly on my way here.”, I replied with a shaking voice.

I doubt it. Because I clearly said in the instructions to bring warm clothes and socks.”, she said while wearing her jacket and her snow glasses.

Yes, but…” I argued.

No, not that bullshit again, Dude. You were warned so that you could be warm.”, she interjected.

My feet hurt. I am not feeling my tongue anymore.

As I am telling this story, I can feel the cold of the mountain wrapping around my soul. Brrr…!

We were hiking in the Pyrenees in the South of France with a friend. Unfortunately, I came unprepared for the cold night.

That first camping night was not such a great experience at all.

1. The first Bee of life: Brief.

In every life endeavor, being prepared is almost 50% of the job done.

As Robin Sharma said:

Everything is created twice: first in the mind, then in reality.

Failing to prepare is failing by design.

As a leader, as a team, in our personal lives, we need to play in our head first the way we want things to unfold.

Like an artist, we need to picture ourselves putting the last stroke of the brush in our painting in our mind. That is before we even get the blank caneva in its stand.

Preparation does not mean we will succeed.

Preparation means defining at least 3 scenarios: the best case, the worst case, and the nominal one.

As a team, it means that we have defined a clear vision. It means that roles and responsibilities are clear.

Only then can we jump into action if we want to be ready for what is to come.

We must not confuse preparation with procrastination.

Sometimes all we need to get prepared is just 5 to 10 seconds before jumping into action.

Well, brief, brief brief!

The stage freak.

The curtains open. I can only hear my heart beating so loud that my chest hurts.

I look at the audience. It is pitch black.

I feel like I am at the center of the universe. No light is coming. It is loudly silent.

Then the music starts beating.

You are ready, Mad?” said our teacher.

What if I say no?” I mumbled.

Just imagine that this is a rehearsal like we did all year long.”, he replied.

My spot, my partner, where is she? “I was stressed about it.

10 seconds later, it was over.

Now all I can hear is the crowd clapping. It was not a black hole, after all.

Seeing their smiles, I was relieved.

It felt like a blink of an eye!” I said to my dancing partner.

Well, if a blink of an eye can last 3 minutes and 45 seconds, that is a hell of an eye!” she replied with a smile, and then she hugged me.

It was the final show of our Kizomba dancing classes.

2. The second Bee of life: Be brief.

Because we have nailed the first bee, this second one comes easier.

Well-prepared people don’t steal your time.

And even if they fail to achieve their initial target, they are prone to take another route as they go.

In that way, they are always brief and right on target.

How often do you go to an unprepared meeting and waste your time?

Many people get lost and then try to fill the space with fear.

Lost in translation, there is no way to be found.

Being brief is one of the key characteristics of prepared people.

When they jump onto the arena, they are not reaching out to their notes in their pockets.

They know where they are. And most importantly, they understand why they are there.

And above all, they are equipped with the right mindset to get what they want quickly.

Be brief, as if your life depends on it because it does.

The rearview mirror.

I am lost again.

I am sure that I was on the right path.

I have been doing it for years.

Why did I miss the turn this time?

I don’t know this place.

I am not sure where this path is leading.

I have no signal in the middle of the woods.

My map is at home because I felt like I did not need it.

Are you lost again, Dad?” I can hear from the backseat of the car. It was Noah, my oldest son.

You really never learn from your mistakes.”, added Elijah to the conversation while Noah is just being confused again.

I was pretty sure that I had taken the right turn.

Look at the rear mirror. The sign is not there!” Elijah added.

While I was turning the car back on the right track, I said to myself: “Why didn’t I look at the rearview?

3. The last Bee of life: Debrief.

Often we are eager to get to the next step. Unfortunately, we rarely take the time to sit down and reflect.

We might be afraid to learn something about our shortcomings.

Yet debriefing about what happened is the single best way to learn and grow.

By debriefing ourselves and others about what just unfolded, we can use it as an opportunity to grow.

Often we don’t take time to debrief. However, on rare occasions when we do it, we occasionally debrief on what went wrong.

We are all guilty of being successful and not learning about it.

Maybe we were lucky; maybe we did something different this time; maybe we were in a specific environment.

Taking time to debrief is the way for people with a growth mindset.

It is how people put their egos aside and put the learner hat.

It is the way to do more every day because we do things better and efficiently.

Use the debrief mirror to learn from the past.

Then start over, not from scratch.

Start over from experience now.

Debrief is the only way to be brief. So now you have been briefed.

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