These are the only teas life will serve you: make sure to take the right sip of each.

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“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Viktor Frankl

Are you sipping your triumphs with moderation?

Are you smelling the sense of your trials?

Are you feeling the heat of your tribulations?

The Big Bang Theory is one of the best TV shows for the geek and the nerd inside me.

The character Sheldon will offer some tea to try to cheer up other characters when they are down.

I have been living in France for more than 20 years. You could imagine that I could get used to the weather, especially winter.

The answer is no. Each time I get out of winter, I am like that soldier who survived the cold battle.

Each time I feel like I am getting a cold, I will switch to my grandma’s recipe: some hot water with some mint herbs and a lot of honey.

That has been my secret weapon to go through winter.

You should try it.

Life is all about the 4 seasons. Yet it has nothing to do with staying at a Four Seasons hotel and resort.

We all go through the four seasons of life. Right now, some of us are in our winter. Others are living our spring. The lucky ones are falling in love with their autumn.

And most of us are going through our winter season.

In this article, I would like to steal the idea from Sheldon and share with you some tea to help you get through the winter.

Here are the three Ts to bring a piece of warm into our life:

  • Triumphs,
  • Trials,
  • Tribulations.

These teas are the leaves in the menu of life. We will be served each whether we want or not.

The challenge is to make sure that we are equipped with the right tools to drink each tea flavor without burning our souls in the way.

TRIUMPHS — There is a saying that reads that victory has a thousand mothers and fathers, and defeat is always an orphan.

In life, we will triumph. Sometimes it is because of our hard work. Most of the time, our triumphs are sheer luck, whether we are conscious about it or not.

Victory is our elixir of predilection. We will do everything to have a taste of it every day of our life.

Triumphing adversity is one of the warmest self-actualization moments in our life.

The flavor of triumph is the most popular out there. We all have tasted it, and we can get all rate it as a five-star hotel.

Triumphs are the golden nuggets life uses to keep us moving forward.

We need to ensure that we are not paying a high price as we are carving our way through our triumph.

Gold is great. Most of the gold sank so many souls, resting restlessly at the bottom of the ocean of human greed.

Yet we need to celebrate our victories. We need to strive to make the road to Triumph as rewarding and fulfilling as Triumph City.

TRIALS — The path to a meaningful life is a trail full of trials. Every single day, when our eyelashes flash in the morning, trials are already there waiting for us.

Before one’s eyes close for the last time, we have to endure trials in our life.

Trials are often seen as an existential threat to our comfort zone. Yet only trials can make us grow.

Trials are like the tension that stretches the muscles of our body when we go to the gym.

We need to embrace those challenges of life. We can feel like those trials are stones thrown in our way.

Or we can use them to pave the way to our greatness. We are not talking about the overused term “greatness” as reaching the level of an extraordinary being.

Greatness is finding the extraordinary in everyday actions. Only by going through trials can we face the person we could be.

The other way of trials is the bridge that will lead us to expand our universe of what is possible.

Trials are those leaves that help us breathe more sustainably in the face of the pollution negating them.

We need to embrace trials as what they are: the oxygen of a life well breathed.

TRIBULATIONS — Bad luck, misfortune, tragedy, or hardships are all parts of life. They don’t happen against us.

They just happen because they can. They don’t know us personally.

They don’t have anything against us. We don’t need to feel like the universe is against us.

We must not strive to live a life without any tribulation. We cannot just want triumphs without tribulations.

It is like trying to eat continuously and not wanting to go to the bathroom. That is not the way of Nature.

We might be rich or the wealthiest person in the world. We might be healthy or living in the wealthiest democracy in the world.

We might build golden gates around our sandcastles. We might have the best security systems to try to hide our insecurities.

Tribulations, like death, will reach us. We cannot hide from them. We cannot put them away with money, fame, or even adversity.

They will come to us, eventually. We must brace ourselves because they are coming. We must embrace the wind of challenges.

We will come out wiser, more humble, and maybe even more alive after going through the tribulations on our way.

Triumphs, trials, and tribulations are not part of the problems in our life. They are the intrinsic ingredients that we need to get in the right way to get that warm tea.

We will all go through many winters during our stay on this big rock we call Earth.

The only way to get through winter is to hold on to my cup of tea.

Triumphs are the honey of tea. Trials are the lint leaves. Tribulations are the hot water.

We need all those ingredients to make a great tea that will energize us.

Maybe mint tea is not your cup of tea. I understand that.

If you allow me, I still want you to take a sip of it. It has helped me go through many winters so far.

Even better, I encourage you to harvest your ingredients of triumphs, trials, and tribulations.

These are the most organic components of the secret weapon to a winter soldier.

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