These are the two and only languages you need to master in order to reach the ultimate state in life. Are you fluent in both of them?

“Such as are thy habitual thoughts, such also will be the character of thy mind; for the soul is dyed by the thoughts.”

Marcus Aurelius

At six years old, I moved from Korbé, Guinea (Conakry) to Dakar, Senegal, in West Africa.

I spent those early years in our village with my mother. The only language I understood was the Pular language.

Indeed I am from the pular community, and at Korbé, we only speak Pular.

I arrived at Dakar in 1986 to go to school.

I remember the early days at elementary school in “Collège Notre Dame Du Liban”, where some of my comrades were making fun of me.

Indeed I arrived just a couple of weeks before going to school.

In Senegal, French is the official language. Thanks, colonization.

Yet, it is not the primary spoken language.

There are more than 36 spoken languages in Senegal.

Yet Wolof is the commonly spoken language, the unofficial one.

Wolof is spoken almost by everybody, no matter which tribe people are from.

English was my first foreign language at school. And I added Arabic as a second foreign language while at “Lycée Lamine Gueye”, my high school at that time.

I am fluent in Pular, Wolof, French, and English.

I can read and write Arabic. I have lost my vocabulary. So I cannot speak it anymore.

I just can read the Quran and understand the general meaning.

In my 30ties, after a decade living in France, I felt a little bit lost. Maybe my mid-thirties crisis.

I was fluent and was able to speak all the languages above.

Yet, something was not feeling right from within. I could feel cognitive dissonance.

I was in the middle of the battle of my life. My body and my brain were in a conflict.

I tried to organize a peaceful discussion. The 3 of us sit around a table.

Each of them started speaking. And I had to pinch myself twice.

Indeed I was not able to understand either of them.

The body had its own language. So did the brain. And the two were completely different.

And the only one who could be the connector was not able to understand them.

What is the point of being fluent in 4 languages if I cannot speak the 2 most important languages of life?

I could have said that it was not my fault because nobody taught me those languages.

Yet, I have my fair share of responsibility in everything that is in my life.

What about you? Are you fluent in those 2 languages?

I am talking about the following 2 most powerful human languages:

  • Language of the body: feelings
  • Language of the brain: thoughts

Before we explain how those 2 languages are impacting our life, let’s discover them first.

FEELINGS, THE LANGUAGE OF THE BODY — Often, our body is in pain. We don’t know how to handle our feelings.

We are not fluent in the language of the body. We learn it on the fly.

Often we may be in our thirties or sixties or even older. Yet when it comes to handling our feelings, we have a language level of a 2 years old.

We need to take time to know our bodies. We need to welcome our feelings and understand them.

Be it stress or burn-out, or many forms of pain in our life, we experience them as an observer. And because we don’t know how to deal with them, their devastating impact is multiplied.

We need to learn the language of our body and be fluent in it.

THOUGHTS, LANGUAGE OF THE BRAIN — Our thoughts are the root of most of the sufferings we can have.

Yes, we may suffer because of our circumstances in life. We cannot always choose where we are born, in which environment we are growing up.

Yet, most of us who are fortunate enough are stuck in our brains.

We imagine things that may never happen. This potential future thought brings pain right in our present mind.

We dwell on things in the past that we cannot change. Those thoughts on past events bring suffering to our present self.

The language of the brain is not also taught as extensively as our native respective languages.

We need to learn the language of the brain and be fluent in it.

STATE OF BEING, THE ULTIMATE ALIGNMENT — Not only do we have to be fluent in those two previous languages, but we also have to make sure that they are on the same page.

If we fail to master the language of the body, we will be eating pain, day in, day out.

If we fail to master the language of the brain, we will be suffocating with suffering, day in, day out.

We have to make sure that we are creating feelings in line with our thoughts.

Only then we can move our body from pain to joy.

Only then can we move our brain from suffering to inspiration.

The ultimate language in life is the one where the body and the brain speak the same language.

We need to make sure that those 2 languages are aligned and reflect what we think and what we do.

Only then can we become what we think and act as we believe.

Are you fluent in the language of the body?

Are you fluent in the language of the brain?

How do you align them as one language, yours?

Leave a comment below.

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