This is the best and only GPS you will need to navigate the VUCA universe: the OEI pathway to clear the path of uncertainty!

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We all have been there, especially men. We are driving, and we are lost.

We are listening to our best music, loudly.

And we don’t want to listen to our partner. We are lost, and we know it.

We just don’t want to admit it. And our ego doesn’t want to ask for help.

The first thing we do? Turn the music down to see more clearly.

Then we resolve to ask for directions.

This is a story of old thanks to our new driving assistant: our GPS — Global Positioning System.

A GPS needs 4 satellites at all time to locate you:

Source: Giscommons

And a GPS in your navigation application like Waze or Google Maps performs 4 main actions. Let’s first focus on the 3 primary ones:

  1. Orient
  2. Explore
  3. Implement

1. ORIENT — Thanks to the built-in GPS in our smartphone and the constellation of satellites, we are precisely located.

When we launch the GPS, the first thing it does is display our precise location on a map.

2. EXPLORE — The map is the blueprint and the cornerstone of every GPS application in our smartphones.

Thanks to the map, we know if we are on the road. We can see our surroundings. With collaborative platforms like Waze, we can even see other Wazers in real-time.

3. IMPLEMENT — We set our destination, and the GPS application will provide us with an initial route.

As we progress on our journey, we can have live traffic and other unplanned events like incidents or roadblocks. The GPS will take in those inputs and provide us with a new route.


VUCA world shows the unpredictable nature of the world at stake like the situation of COVID 19 we are in right now. The deeper meaning of each element of VUCA serves to enhance the strategic significance of VUCA foresight and insight as well as the behaviour of groups and individuals in organizations.[7] It discusses systemic failures[8]and behavioural failures,[8] which are characteristic of organisational failure.

  • V = Volatility: the nature and dynamics of change, and the nature and speed of change forces and change catalysts.
  • U = Uncertainty: the lack of predictability, the prospects for surprise, and the sense of awareness and understanding of issues and events.
  • C = Complexity: the multiplex of forces, the confounding of issues, no cause-and-effect chain and confusion that surrounds organization.
  • A = Ambiguity: the haziness of reality, the potential for misreads, and the mixed meanings of conditions; cause-and-effect confusion.

Source: Wikipedia

As we live in a VUCA world, we are often not equipped with the right GPS to navigate through.

What if there is a GPS-like system that we could use to navigate our lives safely?

As said previously, our smart GPS provides us with 3 + 1 primary services:

  1. Orient
  2. Explore
  3. Implement

Can we use the same approach in our life in this VUCA world?

Yes, we can!, to quote the slogan from Barack Obama in 2008.

Let’s take the same services and apply them to our life journey:

  1. Oriente: Know Where You Are
  2. Explore: Connect And Collaborate
  3. Implement: CheckPoints And Feedback Loops

1. ORIENTE: KNOW WHERE YOU ARE — This step is paramount, like in the GPS, when navigating uncertain times.

We have to be deliberate to locate ourselves physically and emotionally.

We need to make sure that we understand why we are where we are right now.

2. EXPLORE: CONNECT AND COLLABORATE — This second step is all about acknowledging that we are not alone in this journey.

There are other “Wazers” on the road. We might not have the same destination. Yet right now, we are exploring the same routes.

We need to reach out to others, connect with them and collaborate where our values are aligned.

3. IMPLEMENT: CHECKPOINTS AND FEEDBACK LOOPS — This third step is all about action. We know where we are.

We are crystal clear on the destination. Now is the time for action. We turn on the engine of our life vehicle, and we move.

For a safe journey, we need to slice the trip into small chunks by setting checkpoints.

And then, we need also to take into account the feedback we receive from our environment to smooth the journey.


Our navigation app always communicates.

First, it communicates with the GPS and taps into its constellation satellites to know where we are.

Then it communicates visually by displaying our route on a map. And we even have the option to get voice instructions with street names.

Communication is the 4th invisible force that glues every GPS together.

With our OEI (Orient, Explore and Implement), we also need to communicate constantly.

We need to constantly communicate with our inner self and with the outside world.

We need to be able to capture our feelings, deal with them. We can share our state of mind if we need to.

We have also to communicate our intention behind our actions to others.

Like in some GPS applications, we can also share our journey with our friends, colleagues, and family.

Communication will help us know that we are not alone in this journey.

We will also be able to understand the “why” of other people’s journeys.

Communication will help clarify our expectations and our intentions.

We can bring more clarity in our VUCA world, like a small flashlight in a dark part of the universe.

By applying the 4 steps (Orient, Explore, Implement and Communicate) above, we can navigate the VUCA world with more resilience.

How do you navigate through uncertainties?

What has helped you go through dark times in your life?

How did this Covid-19 transform your life?

Leave a comment below.

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