This is the only cube you need to enter the 05th dimension: Welcome to the CCC secret formula that unifies it all!

“Associate with people who are likely to improve you. Welcome those who are capable of improving. The process is a mutual one: Men learn as they teach.”


What are the key elements of content creation?

Are you a soloist or a synthesizer?

Are you playing in the right dimension?

I love reading books. I love watching TED Talks. I love reading articles.

I adore video storytelling. I adore consuming movies and TV shows. I adore spending some time on Netflix, watching inspiring documentaries and specials for comedians like Dave Chapelle.

Yes, I am a consumer. However, I know that this is not the picture I have been trying to paint through my writing.

Yet, it is true at some point. I have my Black Fridays of reading, binge-watching.

Well, as I am consuming, I am documenting what I consume. I have a journal where I put down everything in my mind.

I have a notebook where I write down things while reading books that inspire me.

I have my smartphone with Google Keep, where I put all my digital notes and links to content that has inspired me in any shape or form.

The digestion can take seconds or days, weeks, or months.

At some point, I feel ready. But, in the meantime, I let my subconscious mind work for me.

As I brush my teeth or when I take a shower, they pop up like pop-cors in the microwave.

All the articles or ideas for videos blossoming before me are there before my eyes.

Like a painting from Claude Monet, I can see a very colorful painting flashing before my eyes with vivid colors piercing through my eyes.

All I have to do is sit down, relax and let it out.

All I have to do is calm down and let my subconscious be the voice of my conscious mind.

All I have to do is to let my craft out.

If you are a content creator, you may have a similar process.

What cube puts us in the zone, aka the 05th dimension?

Yes, a cube can make us jump from the 03rd dimension to the 05th dimension.

Because when in that space, we are not bound by time, the 04th dimension.

Below are the 3 dimensions of that cube:

  1. Consume,
  2. Curate,
  3. Create.

Let’s explore each dimension and see how we can elevate our game to the next one.

1. CONSUME — The first dimension of any craft is to find inspiration. Consuming the people’s content that preceded us or our contemporaries is an excellent source of ideas.

As someone interested in various subjects, I always try to feed my mind daily. I read, I watch videos, I watch movies.

I am consuming other people’s art, and I use it as a fertilizer for the soil of my soul. It is a sustainable and the best renewable way to find new ideas for all the content I create.

2. CURATE — We need to synthesize all the content we consume. We must not copy and paste.

We have to add another dimension to our consumption: curation.

Here is an excellent plan for each of us out there: creating a 2D space by adding our voice to the conversation.

We consume, curate, and are ready to go to the next level.

3. CREATE — Now that we have consumed and curated, we are ready to add the final brick: creation.

We can only craft tangible things if we can ensure they are rooted in a great foundation of inspiration.

After consuming and curating, we need, not to wait for inspiration, when we create.

The universe is conspiring in our favor. We have done the essential work. Now we can embark with our Muse when we see fit.

Are you ready to enter the fifth dimension?

Most content creators or artists are often one-dimensional. There is nothing against being an expert and a master in one field.

Yet today, we are in a digital Renaissance era.

We can be a musician, the best in our field. Or we can be a painter, the most amazing of our peers.

We can be a vlogger or a podcaster.

We can also be all those single carriers simultaneously because we are equipped with the digital means to multiply our presence and impact.

I want to reconcile the dancer in me with the storyteller. I want my vlogger side to be at peace with my writer side.

I want to be an introverted director and an extroverted community member.

I want to be on stage and backstage. I want to be at the center stage of my life as I age.

To be all those people in one entity, I need to become a new being fit for the fifth dimension: I want to be a synthesizer.

As we walk on this Earth, we will all take advantage, in some shape or form, from our predecessors.

We must build it forward for the next generations.

Some of us will be experts trying to find solutions for climate change.

Some of us will lead the leap of quantum computing for solving problems like P=NP that are out of reach of our current computers.

Some of us need to capture our era. We need to document the experience of our world as it unfolds before us.

We need people from different walks of life. And synthesizers are one of them.

There are the dimensions that you need to walk to be a synthesizer:

  1. Consume a lot of content,
  2. Curate and make it your own,
  3. Create new content to pass on.

If you are reading this from the future, I have been working for you in the present that is your past.

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