Unbreakable, Split, and Glass. 3 techniques to Unleash the Shadow Gods within you!

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He has some conditions that make his bones crack. He balances his weak body with a strong brain. His name is Elijah, aka Mr. Brain.

He is a regular guy. He has a regular 9 to 5 job. Yet he got superhuman strength and can sense the bad in people. His name is David, aka Mr. Body.

Elijah and David are the 2 main protagonists in Unbreakable, the first movie by the famous director M. Night Shyamalan, most known for the movie The Six Sense.

He has multiple personalities, more precisely 24 of them struggling to get some shed of his light. His name is Kevin, aka Mr. Beast.

Kevin and his 24 other identities are the main protagonists in the second movie of the Unbreakable trilogy, Split.

In Glass, the final act of the trilogy, the Brain, the Body, and the Beast will meet in a final act to resolve their issue. Elijah, David, and Kevin, the 3 superheroes will unleash their power to their fullest potential.

He can feel the sun burning his skin. He continues wandering in the Sahara desert. He has not slept for weeks. He has not eaten for days. He has not drunk water for hours. His only companion in this journey in the desert has been Mr. Shadow.

We should take a break, said Mr. Shadow to Mad. I know that you want to find your oasis, but you are not in the right direction, he continues saying to Mad.

I don’t want to listen to you, replied a disoriented and dehydrated Mad. His lips were cracking and his head was aching like hell, all he wanted was just one drop of water.

Mad silenced his only friend in this journey, Mr. Shadow. In retaliation, Mr. Shadow withheld the information about the map to the oasis.

Now both of them are paying the price because of the lack of communication between them.

Elijah, David, and Kevin are evolving in one cinematic universe. So are Mad and Mr. Shadow. The only difference is that the MCU (Mad Cinematic Universe) is within him.

As human beings, we all have our cinematic universes from within. Those are vast with a lot of characters, some heroes, some supervillains, and much more. Often we might lock away some of those “supervillains”, thus depriving us of their superpowers.

In this article, we will explore the Unbreakable trilogy and how we build a 3 steps guide to our USG, Unleashing the Shadows Gods within us.

BREAK THE UNBREAKABLE — Elijah is the metaphor of our brain and David the one for our body in the first movie, Unbreakable. As human beings, we spend so much time and energy trying to perfect our body, the image we broadcast to others, the one we have been relentlessly building as our perfect vision of us.

While doing that, we are building a dome around that beautiful city of ours. When people enter that beautiful Mad City, everything is neat, clean, well crafted to the eye. Yet like Las Vegas, other people can feel the superficiality of what we are trying to sell. No one is a dupe. We have to break that dome, to explore the possibility beyond that shiny city. We have to let our brain, aka our mind, wander beyond that Mad city. Our Elijah needs to go and explore the realm of our Mad Universe, starting with our Mad Earth.

We must throw every idea we can find in our brain into that dome, day in, day out. After being hit by a thousand stingers, the dome will start shattering and split into thousands of pieces. Once a crack is open, the whole structure will collapse. We are now free to go explore our world, free from our own limiting beliefs.

This is where David meets Elijah. And they combine their superpowers to create an unstoppable force.

NEVER SPLIT THE DIFFERENCE — Kevin and his 24 other identities in Split represent the underground of our shiny Mad city. Kevin is our conscious mind. The 24 other personalities are our shadows. As we don’t often understand them, we try to bury them in the underground, represented by our unconscious mind.

The only thing that we forget is that each of these shadows is a part of us, whether we like it or not. And they have their say in our life, whether we want it or not.

Indeed each shadow character, like us, is defined by the 4 following characteristics:

Often when we try to ignore, reject, or bury our shadows, their survival instincts quick in. And as a result, they will do whatever necessary to fulfill their own wants, needs, agenda, and perspectives. And often they will drag us in directions we don’t necessarily want to go, in the first place.

In the book, Never Split The Difference, Christopher Voss gives us some tools about how to always negotiate in life so that all parties get what they want. As a former FBI hostage negotiator, Chris knows what he is talking about.

I encourage you to read the book. And this video below gives you the main takeaways:

Only by giving some light to each of our shadows can we keep things in control and use them as allies and not enemies from within.

Kevin has harnessed the power of the Beast thanks to his tactical empathy.

MORPH THE GLASS INTO A LENS — In the final act of the trilogy, Glass, Elijah, David, and Kevin are united in one single location, a prison where they are confronted with each other. This is a metaphor of a tentative to unite the Brain, the Body, and the Beast into one single entity.

We all know where to put the Body, in our conscious mind. We all know where to put the Beast, our shadow, we bury him deep into our unconscious mind.

What about our Brain?

This is a tricky question. Indeed Elijah, as a character, can be perceived as a villain and also as a hero at the same time. So the location where we put our Brain is also underground. It is in the same location as the rejected aspects of our personalities.

This means that, if we are not ready to go underground, because of the fear of meeting our shadows, we will never also tap into our full potential. Indeed all the jams, the diamonds, the Infinity stones are buried deep underground in our Mad city.

And we can then use our Infinity Gauntlet to transform the glass wall in our mind into a lens, for all our shadows to have their fair share of light, in a snip of a finger.

A glass is just a raw material that can become a wall or a lens. If we put our shadows behind tinted glass walls into our unconscious minds, they will crave light. We must transform those glass walls into lenses, like in a camera, to let the light in.

Now our shadows are part of us and they can shine for us, as one human being. This is the step where our shadows will feel like integral parts of ourselves.

Elijah, David, and Kevin are united as one and are divided by zero. The Brain, the Body, and the Beast become one Being.

In this journey, we got to know our shadows, the beings with superpowers, hiding in plain sight. They are neutral, by nature. If their needs, wants, agenda, and perspectives are not met, they become the villains of our cinematic universe. If we integrate them as part of us, if we give them their fair share of light, they become the superheroes of our lives, our Shadow Gods.

How do you deal with your shadows?

How do you dig into your dark side to extract cookies from it?

Which of your shadows is your Super Shadow?

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Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash



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