Want to invite resilience in your life? Assemble your team of Avengers. This is not the Endgame. This is just the beginning.

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The end of the year is a great moment to sit down and reflect on the past 12 months. 2020 has been a very challenging year for each of us, for humanity, and for the course of our lives.

As many people are listing what they have accomplished, I would like to take another angle. For me, this year has not been about my accomplishments. I have done some things here and there. I have also failed in many areas in my private and professional lives. I wanted to find a new position at work. I failed. With some friends, we wanted to launch our sport application. We failed to achieve the beta version in 2020. I failed to be more connected with my friends and my family. Not just because of the pandemic. But also because I am more comfortable with a monk life than with the one of a social being.

Of course, I can do better in most of those areas. Yet this is not the point I want to highlight here. I want to say that, despite those failures, despite 2020 and all its challenges for me, I still was able to navigate through the year. I was hit by the storms of lockdowns, working from home, the anxiety of catching the virus, the expectations to perform at work despite the pandemic and much more storms.

What has helped me get through this journey through a dark time, in the most violent storm that I have to witness so far, is an exercise I did in 2018.

I sat down and built down my own team of Avengers and propelled them into the sky to be my North Stars.

Before we go on how I assemble my team of Avengers, let me introduce to you some of them.

10. CREATIVITY — When I share a quote every day, when I write in my own way, when I dance, when I slam, when I answer to Airbus Customers in an original way, when I find new ways to do old things, when I optimize my time to do more, when I write, I am expressing my creative potential.

09. LEARNING — When I learn new things no matter how small, when I read, when I apply a new skill, when I teach, when I explore my uncharted territories, when I travel to places I have never been before, when I meet new people, I am harnessing my learning power.

08. FUN — When I make others smile, when I take a break, when I make silly faces, when I tell jokes, when I create memes at work, when I laugh about myself, when I recall some bad shit in my life, and laugh about it, I am summoning the fun hero within me.

07. SIMPLICITY — When I enjoy my Earth, when I strive to live a simple yet powerful life, when I behave with humility, when I don’t take myself too seriously, when I decide that I have enough material things, when I accept that I don’t need a bigger house, I embrace my simplicity Queen.

06. CONTRIBUTION — When I smile to a stranger, when I say Hello to them, when I hold the door, when I share what I know, when I pay it forward, when I participate in projects that improve strangers’ life without expecting anything in return that the pleasure of giving, I am fulfilling the dream of the contributor within me.

Creativity, Learning, fun, simplicity, and contribution are half of the team of my Avengers I built thanks to an exercise I did in 2018while reading the book of Tony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within. This book was written in 1991 and has helped set in motion the person I am today, back in 2018.

I was like a ship wandering in the ocean of life, without any clear direction. While reading the book, I did all the exercises on the book and documented them in a journal. I am not saying that self-help books are sufficient to change all lives. I am just saying that this specific book helped me in a specific time, with the right drives and the appropriate actions I deliberately applied in my own life.

05. HUMILITY — When I see how small I am in the space-time continuum, when I remember my own death, when I see greatness in others, when I am a student of life, when I treat each human being I encounter with kindness, when I remember that health, wealth, power are just rented commodities of life, I am abiding of my humility king.

04. COURAGE — When I speak up for others, when I step up for myself or my loved ones, when I choose the hard way despite all the odds stacked against me, when I step out of my comfort zone daily, when I assume the consequences of my own actions, when I jump in new ventures despite fear, I feel the streams of my courage pumping through my veins.

03. FORGIVENESS — When I forgive, when I forget, when I don’t react instinctively, when I don’t overreact, when I put myself in other people’s shoes, when I seek first to understand, when I choose to be kind instead of being right, when I am not too harsh with myself, when I don’t hold grudges, I am resonating with my energy of forgiveness.

02. LOVE AND COMPASSION — Each time I breathe, each time I choose to show love and compassion over hate and resentment, each time I forgive myself, each time I forgive others, each time I am not too quick to judge others’ actions, each time I show empathy and understanding first, I turn on my engines of love and compassion.

01. HEALTH — Each time I eat healthy food, each time I take the stairs, each time I walk, I surround myself with people that feed my light, each time I feed my mind with positive readings, each time I listen to positive people, each time I put health over any other type of mundane wealth, I surrender to my Health Goddess.

Humility, courage, forgiveness, love and compassion, health are the top 5 of my Avengers. With creativity, Learning, fun, simplicity, and contribution, my team is now complete.

Since I made that list back in 2018, they have been by my side. They have guided me through dark times, doubt and uncertainty, powerful storms like the year 2020.

To make sure that I remember that they are here, by my side, I put them in a place where I can see them daily, multiple times. Like many of you, I have a smartphone that I look at multiple times a day.

I put my Avengers as the wallpaper of my smartphone:

MadValues Wallpaper

Having written down those values has helped me in a way I could have never imagined. Just doing the exercise of searching for them is already a big leap in reflecting on what is important for me.

Then each time I am in a difficult situation each time I have to make a decision, I always revert to my values as a torch in the palm of my hand, shedding a light in a dark and challenging moment.

Of course, this list will evolve each time we do the exercise in our life, yet just having it is a life-changing experience.

Humility, courage, forgiveness, love and compassion, health are the top 5 of my Avengers. With creativity, Learning, fun, simplicity, and contribution, my team is now complete

In 2020,

When you supported my creativity, you were my Avenger!

When you helped me learn, you were my Avenger!

When you made my life fun, you were my Avenger!

When you showed me simplicity, you were my Avenger!

When you gave space to contribute, you were my Avenger!

When you acted with humility, you were my Avenger!

When you showed me courage, you were my Avenger!

When you forgave me, you were my Avenger

Just with your love and compassion for me, you were my Avenger!

By helping me stay healthy, you were my Avenger!

To all my Avengers out there, I am grateful for helping navigate through 2020 and making it to the other side.

So just thank you!

What are the values guiding you in your life?

How do you navigate life in challenging times?

What tips and tricks can you share that have helped you craft your values?

Leave a comment below.

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Photo by Jeremy Chen on Unsplash



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