Want to tell amazing stories, why should you apply these 6 simple steps?

Deep down in the tropical forest in equatorial Guinea, Tik Tik, the tsetse fly, is having his lunch.

It is hot and humid, so Jambar, the explorer, was shirtless with only a short and a hat. He sees some shade under the tree and he wants to get some rest the first time after walking for 6 hours.

Tik Tik sees in Jambar his dessert. He takes off from the leaf in the tree, and heads directly for the nipple of Jambar. By the time he passes through his ears, Jambar hears him and uses his left hand to grab his hat and blows a storm of air towards Tik Tik who has to retreat.

Tik Tik gets back to his quarters and waits. By experience he knows that the fresh air under the tree is a magic napping nectar for all humans. Half an hour later, Jambar is comfortably snoring under the tree. Now is the time, thinks Tik Tik. Jambar has his body spreading all over the ground. Tik Tik uses the pants approach.

He enters through the short, there they are, the 2 big, hairy testicles. He chooses the left one and plants his sting into Jambar’s left testicle.The pain awakens Jambar. Yet it was too late.

Now he is the patient zero of Trypanosomiasis in equatorial Guinea and in all the sub-saharan Africa.Tik Tik will go to tell his story to all the tsetse flies for generations on how he defeated that giant, aka Jambar.

I am sure that you read the story until the end. There are as many ways to tell a story as they are stars in our universe and other universes.

I used 6 easy steps which are an anagram of tsetse:

  1. S as Situation
  2. E as Event
  3. T as 1st Trial and failure
  4. T as 2nd Trial
  5. S as Success
  6. E as Epilogue

The SETTSE steps are a simplified version of the more complex storytelling structure, studied by Joseph Campbell in his well known book, the Hero’s Journey. Dan Harmon took inspiration from Campbell’s work to craft his storytelling technique, which states that Every Story is the Same :

Let’s review the Tik Tik and Jamabr story above with each step.

1. S as Situation

With one sentence I gave the reader all the elements they need to get the context. If this was translated into a movie, the first picture will be a wide shot of the tropical forest with some flies buzzing and the camera will be closing in to Tik Tik sitting on a leaf and having lunch.

Our hero Tik Tik is in his ordinary world, living his ordinary life.

2. E as Event

This is the event disturbing the quiet life of Tik Tik. Jambar is the new element, “disturbing the force” of tranquility in the forest. And this will have some consequences on the next events for both of the protagonists.

3. T as 1st trial and failure

Tik Tik has his call for adventures. He wants to defeat this giant disturbing his quiet meal time. And he literally embarks into the journey to try to bite Jambar in the nuts. As everything in life, the first attempt is not always a success. If it was, that story won’t have any substance and most people will not relate.

4. T as 2nd trial

After the first failure, Tik Tik does not stop. As he’s going through his journey, he keeps his eyes on the “prize”. There he goes for his 2dn trial. Of courses in life, the 2nd trial can become the 3rd, the 4th and so fourth.

5. S as Success

After the symbolic 2nd trial, Tik Tik succeeded and got what he wanted. He has vanquished the enemy and can be proud to have been the David against Jambar, the Goliath. He has paid the price by leaving his sting into Jamabr body. However the prize is worth the price for him. Tik Tik is now transformed forever after waging a battle against that Goliath and he has completed his hero’s journey.

6. E as Epilogue

This last step is optional. It states what has changed in Tik Tik world after he came back from the battle. In a lot of love stories, the epilogue can be summarized as: “

While Tik Tik our hero is having his journey, Jambar is also a kind of hero and is also having his same journey. Jamabr is the anti-hero, or the villain, the Joker to Batman. His journey is also following the same structure:

1. : He is in the tropical forest.

2. : He wants to have some rest.

3. : He was attached by a fly when just starting his nap.

4.: After the first incident, he went back to nap again.

5. : He was able to have a nap but paid a price for it.

6. He goes back to his life, being the patient zero of Trypanosomiasis.

THe SETTSE structure is a simple structure of storytelling. I have used it multiple times in my articles and my talks to engage people to listen to what I have to say.

I encourage you to let the SETTSE fly bite you once. I guarantee you that you will be the patient zero of your amazing storytelling of your own and unique life.

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