We got 99 problems, and Change is one: This is the only phase of the MCU that can bring a sustainable evolution within your life or your organization.

“The Only Constant in Life Is Change.”

- Heraclitus

⚠Spoiler Alert! ⚠

If you haven’t watched Avengers: Endgame, you can skip this part.

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos has snapped half of the beings in the universe.

Half of the Avengers vanished during that moment.

Captain Marvel wanted to restore order in the universe.

She assembled the remaining Avengers and shared with them her vision to restore order in the universe.

The newly assembled team will remove obstacles that Thanos throws in their way.

After winning small battles, they manage to defeat Thanos and his army.

Then they took the appropriate measure to disseminate the 6 infinity stones to make sure that nobody could assemble them again.

⚠Spoiler Alert! ⚠

Avengers: Endgame is the closing film of Phase Three of the MCU — Marvel Cinematic Universe.

John Kotter, an Professor of Leadership from Harvard Business School, has defined an 8 steps model for change.

Avengers: Endgame is all about creating and sustaining change.

Those 8 steps can be split into 3 stages:

  1. Create a climate for change
  2. Engage and Enable the organization
  3. Implement and sustain

Before we dig deeper into those 8 steps and their distribution into the 3 phases above, let’s have some fun with physics.

For most of us, there are only 3 states of matter that we are more familiar with:

  • Gas — A Gas is a state of matter that has no definite shape or volume (A gas will expand to fill a container)
  • Solid — A Solid is a state of matter that has its own definite shape and volume
  • Liquid — A Liquid is a state of matter that has a definite volume (a liquid will take the shape of a container)

Yet there is a fourth state:

  • Plasma — Plasma is a state of matter similar to gas in which a certain portion of the particles is ionized.

Liquid, solid, and gas are the most common states of matter on Earth. However, much of the matter of the universe is in the form of hot plasma.

Source: States of Matter

If you are confused by this definition, you are not alone. Think of it as a mixture of liquid and gas states.

What is the plasma in Kotter’s model for change?

To get to that phase, we need to deep dive into the 8 steps of change of Kotter’s model and ventilate them in the 3 first phases as below:

  1. Create a climate for change:
  • Create Urgency
  • Form a powerful coalition
  • Create a vision for change

2. Engage and Enable the organization:

  • Communicate the vision
  • Remove obstacles
  • Create short-term wins

3. Implement and sustain

  • Build on the change
  • Anchor the change

Even though this model is built for organizations, I will stretch it to personal change.

I. CREATE URGENCY — This is the part where we make crystal clear the need for change.

Organization — Is it about the survival of our business? An external competitor, a frienemy?

Personal — What is the cost of not changing for our health, our own life?

When you create a sense of urgency, you dissipate the smoke of complacency.

II. FORM A POWERFUL COALITION — Change needs leadership.

Organization — Are you creating your team of Avengers within your organization? Where is your Captain Marvel?

Personal — Are surrounded by allies, friends, and family? Do you have a coach, a mentor?

Forming a powerful coalition is the unstoppable force meeting the unmovable resistance for change.

III. CREATE A VISION FOR CHANGE — People should know what you are trying to change.

Organization — Can you share a compelling vision for change within an elevator pitch?

Personal — Are you able to paint a vivid picture of your changed future self?

The vision is the guiding star, more potent than Polaris when it comes to clarity for the need for change.

IV. COMMUNICATE THE VISION — Communication is like speaking the only language that matters: the one that speaks to the heart and the mind.

Organization — Are you using the proper means of communication to target the right people?

Personal — Are you broadcasting your vision for change to your friends and family so that they can hold you accountable?

When it comes to change, there is not too much communication when it comes to your vision.

V. REMOVE OBSTACLES — Be aware of the roadblocks in your way for change and make sure to remove them.

Organization — What are the people and processes on the way to your new vision?

Personal — Are you setting the right environment? Are you implementing the right habits?

Identifying and removing obstacles is the only way to achieve your new vision.

VI. CREATE SHORT-TERM WINS — Quick wins must be visible at each checkpoint all along the journey to your new vision.

Organization — Is your new vision for change able to deliver quick results?

Personal — Are you able to see some results along your journey, and not just at the end?

Quick wins are the domino effect sustaining the movement.

VII. BUILD ON THE CHANGE — Ensure that you are moving in the right direction before declaring victory too soon.

Organization — Are you making sure that your people are sticking to these new ways of working?

Personal — Are you sure that you have installed the new habit for your new vision in your life?

Make sure that you are aware of the danger of declaring victory too fast. You will be too furious, eventually.

VIII. ANCHOR THE CHANGE — Make sure that the change is sticking.

Organization — Are you embedding those new habits into your people’s minds and in the heart of your processes?

Personal — Are you making sure that your actions are woven into your life’s journey?

Ensure that you have dropped a significant anchor of your new vision into this new world you have just created.

A quick summary of the road so far in the video below:

We still have one question to address.

What is the plasma in Kotter’s model for change?

The answer is quite simple: Iteration!

The plasma to Kotter’s model for change is iteration.

Because everything changes except change.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”


Welcome to the fourth phase of your MCU — Master Change Universe!

How are you implementing change in your life?

How are you implementing change in your organization?

How are you making sure that the changes stick?

Leave a comment below.

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