We need to embrace our dark side and not try to eliminate it because we all have a Darth Vader living within us. The shadow is where the Force resides.

Photo by Julian Florez on Unsplash

“Where there is light, there is darkness.”


When I was a child, I would try to run away from my shadow. I was maybe 8 years old.

I have been trapped in the Black, positive persona, always smiling and being positive.

It is exhausting. It takes me so much energy. For the past 5 years, at work or in my private life, I have been working on embracing my dark side.

What is a shadow? How does it work? Why do we need to free it?

Often, when we think of our shadow, we see it as an evil character in our life story.

1. What is a shadow?

Yes, the shadow is where we stuff our rejected aspects. All the things that we believe that the world doesn’t need to see are buried there.

Shadow = Rejected Aspects + Untapped Potentials.

And what the equation above tells us is that we have not one but multiple shadows within us.

2. How does it work?

We and our shadows share 4 essential things:

  • We have our needs. So do each of our shadows.
  • We have our agendas. So do each of our shadows.
  • We have our perspectives. So do each of our shadows.

3. Why do we need to free it?

Our shadows are here because we created them and nurtured them to serve us at some point in our life.

Only by integrating our shadows as part of us as a whole, we can access our untapped potentials.

As long as we keep them as hostages in our unconscious mind, they will do whatever they can to sabotage us and our lives.

Sometimes I am an asshole. Sometimes I am a taker. Sometimes I am the “tit for tat” guy.

Sometimes I am selfish. Sometimes I am stubborn. Sometimes I don’t change my mind even when provided with new evidence.

And why should i?

After all, they are here at my service if I know how to ask.

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