What are the 3 components of the best GPS in life?

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We are in 2020, and the world of GPS is at war.

On one side we have the Googlers who think that Google maps is the best GPS in the world, like all Google services.

On the other side, the Wazers are seeing those using Google maps as failures, bending their wheel to the big GAFA (Google,Apple, Facebook and Amazon). They are on the Waze side!

Each of us has to choose a side right now.

I am more a wazer because I love the contribution mindset and the community mindset beyond Waze.

I have some of my friends and family members who root for Google maps, because they love the interface.

And the parent company of Google and Waze is laughing at us. Yes Alphabet is like: we own all the letters and that dad saying that: those are my girls, so make sure not to try to date them at the same time!

The GPS (Global Positioning System) is a system that is present in the palm of our hands: on our smartphones, our watches, on aircraft and even on trackers that we use to spy on each other.

Most of us love that little GPS apple, be it Google maps, Waze or the others. We open the app and it knows instantly where we are. We hit a destination and there it is: the route to go from our departure point to our destination with real time adjustments and traffic avoidance features.

I use Waze every day to commute from home to work and vice versa. Of course I know the way from my home to the office. Yet I love the accurate speed limits, the traffic in real time and the certainty to know when I will arrive at work.

Even without a GPS, I could not imagine turning the engine on and just wandering around until I ran out of gasoline. And there is one feature of the GPS that I love: the re-routing in real time, be it that I took the wrong direction or when there is a roadblock or even too much traffic jam. The GPS has this adaptive mindset and the service to bring you to your final destination, whatever it takes.

Yes I agree that you might end up in a lake or the ocean, yet you always have a path laid until your final destination.

I love to make this parallel with my life. I love to have my life ride being guided by a GPS like my ride to work. I don’t want to stop at road blocks or traffic jams or in a cul-de-sac. By building a GPS of my own, I am making sure that I will always find a way to who I want to be.

To guide you, a GPS needs 3 inputs: where you are, where you want to go, a map of all routes available.

Here are the 3 inputs I use for my own GPS in my life:

By using those 3 components, my GPS is always adapting, locked into the direction I want and giving me a smooth ride no matter how bad the road is.

1. Being Goals oriented

In a GPS route, goals can be seen as the geographical coordinates to your final destination.

Needless to say that without coordinates, or simply put by entering where I want to go, not even the best GPS of the world can offer me any route.

In every activity I do, I set goals that I need to achieve. For me it translates on who I want to become more than what I want to accomplish.

Because my ultimate goal is to tell my life story, I have set up some second level goals to learn how to write, how to articulate a story and how to keep people engaged.

This is upskilling my communication and introducing me to new areas of storytelling like video storytelling and keynotes.

I have a Ponzi scheme set up for my goals. For the goal on the top, there are a myriad of sub-goals that help me reach that big one. I call it my Ponzi scheme for my good, the only Ponzi scheme I will fall onto in my life.

The pyramid approach is a great way to use each small goal achieved as a stepping stone to the next level goal.

And if you fail or fall down, you can recover from where you stopped and continue climbing. If it is not possible, you can always try one of the multiple faces of the pyramid. That’s the magic of a pyramid.

Setting goals is the only way I found to move forward in my life.

2. Build a clear Purpose

The Purpose in the GPS is the reason why I want to get to this specific location right now. The purpose of a GPS is to bring you from point A to point B, no matter what. It will do it best, no matter the weather the condition, rain, hail or shine.

By building a clear purpose of being my own griot, I lay out the foundations to live a life worth being told.

One of my fears is to be like those writers that I read the work in school: everybody interpreting their life, their writing. I am sure that if they were here today, they would beg to differ with a lot of “experts” on their work.

I use the word “build” on purpose, pun intended. Because for me, finding a purpose is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s possible, yet not probable for a lot of us out there.

Building my purpose means also that I am the architect of it. My purpose will evolve as I get older. Yes it will always shapeshift, yet it will have the same building material, me.

Because it is built from within, no matter how strong is the outside storm, or how cloudy and dark is the time I am going through, my purpose is that light from within. It is the shine that will always shed a light for me, from me.

3. Be of Service to the world

The GPS system was first built for military purposes. Now it is free for use for every one, every day. The GPS system does not discriminate against race, religion, sexial orientation or gender. It aims at guiding you wherever you are in this world, as long as you get its signal. No strings attached.

For me, serving others, serving the world is the highest component of my GPS system. It drives my growth. Because I want to serve as many people as I can, I upskill my skillset to reach more souls every day.

Call it adding value, contribution, serving others beyond what is in it for us is the ultimate fulfilment in life.

For me, with my Chillaxing with Mad series, I am using my voice as a griot to help other people tell their own story. I am doing it for free because I believe that, in this world, not every transaction has to be tied with material gain.

Each time I help someone achieve their goal, each time I make someone smile, each time I use the gifts that I built to elevate someone else, it brings me some inner joy that no amount of money on this world can buy. Even if there is a material transaction that can be put in front of that small act of giving forward, it won’t last because of the money. It will always last because of my free choice to give without expecting anything in return.

I believe that each of us has the potential to manifest their own gift. If well done, we can all do our part to serve the world with so much little energy and with so much high impact.

By setting goals, by building my own purpose and by being of service in this world, I have built my own GPS. It is reliable for me, it is secure, it is self-sustained and it brings a lot of impact for me, and hopefully to the rest of the world.

What are your best tips to navigate life, your life?

What are the best ways to bring fulfillment into your life?

Are you more Waze or Google maps, why?

Leave a comment below.

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Photo by Daniil Silantev on Unsplash



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