What are the 3 elements to build a strong life?

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If you said the 3M: Money, Mansion and Monaco, well I am happy for you.

Indeed, for most of us, we seek money because we think that it will make us happy to be rich. What we are really seeking behind is financial freedom. Because nobody is buried with their bank account when they die.

Mansion represents all the material things that we spend our time looking for. This begs once again the question: will take it to your grave?

You have a mansion of 200 rooms with 30 bathrooms, 10 garages, 5 cards and 3 swimming pools and 2 helicopters. Cool!

Yet you are one, you can only be in one room, drive one car at a time! And for sure you will have only one coffin.

Monaco? Yes that one. The small “Rocher”, aka the Rock that shines like a diamond. Yet it is in the name: a rock. We all seek fame, to be a celebrity in these times on InstaFame and InstaDisapaearence, SnapChat and SnapLife, TweetNoise and TweetNone, FaceBook and FaceDoubt, in other words the mirage of “fame” in the reality of shame.

What characterises the 3M is that they are Momentary.

Yes as life, as you and me, you would say.

Let me clarify: they are not only momentary, they are also not legendary!

To be legendary for me means that I need to build things that will outlast my life on this planet. Basically, as a mortal, how can I be immortal?

As said by one of my mentors said:

“ The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.”

Bruce Lee

To build such a strong life, one needs a strong toolset.

One of the tools that works for me is the 3H axe. I use it to slice through life.

These are the 3H below:

Like a great athlete, working on those 3 muscles will make your life strong. Let me share with you more details below.

1. H as Head: the Vision

As my GranPa used to tell me:

“The monkey on the ground cannot see as far as the monkey on the top of the tree.”

And even nature gifted us with our head being at the highest point of our body. Why? Maybe because our eyes are plugged on our head and it helps us see further than if we had our eyes at our feet.

Could you imagine how tricky it would be to navigate through life with our eyes at our feet?

For me, every year, every day, every morning, every evening, I remember myself of my vision. I sit down and draw the blueprint of my life. My vision in life is to have a life full of meaning and impact. I want to leave a trace of my journey in this word.

Each morning when I wake up, I enter my vision as my destination in the GPS of my life that day.

Each evening before I go to sleep, I reflect on the progress I made towards that destination in my life that day.

I do it every single day for the whole year.

I will do it every single year as long I am walking on this Earth.

Having that strong vision keeps me moving forward and makes me flexible on my route. I will go through dead ends, road blocks, yet I will never stop moving towards my destination, a life of meaning and impact.

2. H as Heart: the Intuition

If my head is the visualisation of the destination, the heart is gut feeling that I am going in the right direction.

I may lose the GPS signal from now and then. I might go through a tunnel, yet I will not stop.

The heart is for me that muscle which makes the connection with the rest of the universe.

It’s like the satellite or the constellation of satellites above me.

To trust my intuition is to have the firm belief that I am capable of making decisions and moving forward.

My intuition is the companion that is always here within me, that I can revert to and who is always whispering to my ears.

Of course, as all muscles, my intuition needs to be trained as much as possible.

Today we are flooded with data, big data from all over the connected objects that we have built around us.

Yet we have never felt so disconnected from each other. We have never felt so disconnected from the Earth.

We have silenced our smart heart and we only rely on our smartphone.

Yet our heart has been here for millions of years and the smartphone only for some milliseconds in the scale of the universe.

I believe that we have to restore common sense and be grounded by following our heart, by following our intuition.

3. H as Hand: the Action

If you have been reading my articles, you know that I am a big fan of Game of Thrones. And one of my favorite characters in the series is Tyrion Lannister.

Without any spoilers, he is the Hand of the Queen, a.k.a Khaleesi, the mother of dragons.

The Hand of the queen is the man of actions.

The hand is the 3rd leg that will make the Head and the Heart stable, that will make your life immune to the volatility of the world we are living in right now.

Action is my main motivation in life. I can have a great vision of what my world would look like. I can have the best intuition that I know what are the right things to do.

Yet if I don’t act, nothing will happen.

To give an example, it is like sitting in my car, entering the destination and then waiting for the car to magically teleport me to the final destination.

This kind of portal does not exist yet in this universe.

I remember when I was young in Dakar, Senegal. We used to spend so much time at school learning about the theory of music. As we could afford to apply it in real life because of a lack of resources at public schools, I am a great musician in theory.

The other side of action that has helped me build a strong life is paying forward, i.e contributing to this world.

Contributing is the highest way of fulfilment and the ultimate act which enables me to make my life stronger each time I give.

I exercise those 3 muscles every day like top athletes, because for me, the olympics are every single day.

This is my secret to building a strong life.

I use my hand to follow my heart in the direction of my head.

How do you exercise your head?

How do you exercise your heart?

How do you exercise your hand?

Leave a comment below.

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Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash



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