What are the 3 figures to keep in mind to figure it out?

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In 2020, most companies have moved to the digital world when it comes to the working environment.

At Airbus for example, a login is created for each user, called user ID that we use to log into our computer and to get access to all applications. This is not specific to Airbus. It is something shared with a lot of private and public organisations.

I have a unique social security number to access the free healthcare system in France. Take that America, it is free for everyone.

I have a unique fiscal number to pay my taxes. In most of my interactions with people through computers, I have been reduced to a string of digits.

The more we go, the more our identity will become a digital one, where we will all be reduced to our digital twin. They might say that it is for our best interest. The governments, the big corporations, the social networks are craving for us to handover our soul data so that they can process it and reduce us to that: just a succession of 0 and 1.

In the digital era, I feel that I am just a digit. If I were the computer processing all those logins and user IDs, I will not see any difference between people, reduced to their digital personas.

This makes me wonder what makes me unique in the digital era. Wondering about all those data processing tools, I want to remind myself about some figures which make me who I am. I mean that I love anonymity when it comes to targeted ads. However I despise just being a number among billions of other people in this world.

Indeed this idea that I am “just” a login, a user ID, a computer generated being makes me feel nobody. It makes me feel like I am a disposable digital being that can be replaced by another same entity if I come to be out of the picture.

On a daily basis, I remind myself the 3 figures below to figure out who I am and how I am in charge of my life:

Are you ready for some maths?

No, I am just kidding.

1. 1 in 500 Trillions

I believe that we all are winners in life. If, like me, you felt like a loser in your life, let me remind you that your birth is a 1 in 500 trillions possibilities.

1 Trillion is 1 000 Billions, 1 Billion is 1 000 millions.

If I compare that figure to me winning a lottery in my lifetime, I could win a lot of tickets in my single lifetime.

Hence I was born a winner. And every single day I live, this figure grows bigger and bigger.

Sometimes in my life, I felt like I am nobody, that I don’t matter. Yet I am unique, to the scale of the universe.

I might be 1 in the billions of people walking on this Earth. Yet the set of events that brought me here are staggering. I am not just a string of digits, I am not one in many. I am me, the tangible proof of the universe delivering a message to me.

Every day, some people might try to tell me that I am useless, that the world would be better without me. I agree to disagree on that.

The universe has done extensive work over its existence to bring me into existence. And I am not throwing that to the bin.

I am here because I have my role to play. I am here because the universe thought that I am worthy of being. I will not let any person, any computer or Artificial Intelligence convince me otherwise.

2. 35 000

Imagine that everyday, you have to answer 35 000 questions. It would be a tedious work, you would think. Yet on average, we have 35 000 thoughts per day.

From which foot to put on the floor to whether or no I should take out the garbage, to whether or not I should take this new project at work, my mind is constantly bombarded with thousands of thoughts every day.

We, as Human beings have survived, not because we have learned how to do things. In the majority of events that brought us here, we learned how to avoid pain and we remember our past negative experiences to survive in the wild.

Now we are in 2020. We are the dominant species on Earth, for better or worse. Yet the majority of our daily thoughts are negative ones.

I have more ways in my life to avoid pain than to bring pleasure. I can find so many ways to hurt people that one that could bring joy in their life.

To channel my thoughts, I use journaling and a fast decision making process. Journaling helps me lay out my day so that I don’t navpgate my day blindly. A fast decision making process for me is to strive to a “yes” by default when things come my way.

This helps me deal with my thoughts and be in charge of them and not the other way around.

3. 86 400

Imagine that each day, you are given 86 400$ that you have to spend on that day. Yet there is a catch. All the remaining money at the end of the day will be lost if not spent. You cannot save it for the day after. However the following day, you are given the same amount when you open your eyes. This would be amazing. I see myself going on Amazon and prime deliver myself a bunch of things.

And let me break it to you. Each day, you are given 86 400 of a currency that is more valuable than any currency, that is more valuable than gold, diamond and every crypto-currency you can think of.

Each day, I have 24 hours, that is 60 minutes x 24 = 1 440 minutes, that is 60 seconds x 1 440 = 86 400 seconds.

Those 86 400 s are more valuable than any 86 400$ or any other currency you put in front of it. Be it Jeff Bezos, Martin Luther King Jr., Da Vinci, Aristotle, Jesus, Mohammed or Moses, on Earth, we all have 86 400 seconds a day. With death, time is the second most powerful equalizer on Earth.

Whatever is accomplished by anybody you admire, they did it within the same amount of daily time than you. They might have 13 billions of dollars in one single day, yet you have the same amount of time than them in a single day.

I see my time as my most precious asset in my life. Every second I lose, I cannot get it back. Every second I give, I cannot take it back.

I will trade any amount of money for one single second of life. I will trade every trillion dollars I have for one single second of my life.

By reminding myself those 3 figures on a daily basis, I know that I am unique. I know that I am in charge of my thoughts and that it shapes the way I see the world. I know that many have billions in money more than me, yet they have the same amount of time as me on a daily basis.

With those 3 figures in mind, no other figure in life can impress me or try to make me think that I am less that I am actually worth.

What kind of figures help you figure it out?

How do you bring your uniqueness into the conversation?

How do you evolve from anonymity to uniqueness ?

Leave a comment below.

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Photo by Chaozzy Lin on Unsplash



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