What are the 3 figures to keep in mind to figure it out?

Ahmadou DIALLO ✪
6 min readJul 27, 2020
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In 2020, most companies have moved to the digital world when it comes to the working environment.

At Airbus for example, a login is created for each user, called user ID that we use to log into our computer and to get access to all applications. This is not specific to Airbus. It is something shared with a lot of private and public organisations.

I have a unique social security number to access the free healthcare system in France. Take that America, it is free for everyone.

I have a unique fiscal number to pay my taxes. In most of my interactions with people through computers, I have been reduced to a string of digits.

The more we go, the more our identity will become a digital one, where we will all be reduced to our digital twin. They might say that it is for our best interest. The governments, the big corporations, the social networks are craving for us to handover our soul data so that they can process it and reduce us to that: just a succession of 0 and 1.

In the digital era, I feel that I am just a digit. If I were the computer processing all those logins and user IDs, I will not see any difference between people, reduced to their digital personas.

This makes me wonder what makes me unique in the digital era. Wondering about all those data processing tools, I want to remind myself about some figures which make me who I am. I mean that I love anonymity when it comes to targeted ads. However I despise just being a number among billions of other people in this world.

Indeed this idea that I am “just” a login, a user ID, a computer generated being makes me feel nobody. It makes me feel like I am a disposable digital being that can be replaced by another same entity if I come to be out of the picture.

On a daily basis, I remind myself the 3 figures below to figure out who I am and how I am in charge of my life:

  1. 1 in 500 Trillions
  2. 35 000
  3. 86 400

Are you ready for some maths?

No, I am just kidding.

1. 1 in 500 Trillions

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