What were the results of your last BITE test?

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In my previous article How do you feel about being an LRU?, I was talking about being an LRU.

I will let you go read that article and come back.

Welcome back.

In an aircraft, most equipments come with a feature hardcoded in them.

They perform a BITE (Built-In Test Equipment) test. Basically, they perform an auto diagnosis whenever they are powered.

They will run a program within their internal system and produce a warning or an error message to the aircraft system.

Then this message is displayed to the aircraft cockpit to make the pilots and the cabin crew aware of what’s going on.

This BITE test equipment is not unique to the aircraft industry. It can be found in satellites, cars, and in a lot of other systems in our daily life.

I like when my car tells me that this left-hand side bulb should be replaced without even me asking.

Why is it that we don’t perform this kind of BITE test in our lives?

Since three years ago, I have always taken the time to reflect on my life. I was blindly “living” a life of doing what was the least painful for me.

I thought that having been in an engineering school was sufficient for me to climb the ladder of success. I was not performing any BITE (Built-In Test Earth being) to assess the direction my life was taking.

One day, I was 35 years old. And in France, at 35 you receive your first letter telling you how much time you had to work before having a full retirement package. For me it was something like 133 quarters before having to enjoy retirement with the condition of me being alive then and able to enjoy my savings.

This is when it hit me, the lie I was telling myself: “be like everybody else, work now, wait for retirement and enjoy.”

I was surrounded by the void of the promise of heaven that would be “retirement.”

I needed to change that. I could not wait for my whole life for a hypothetical gift that I may probably have if I was lucky to be still alive and with enough health to enjoy.

I started performing my BITE test to check up on me regularly.

I asked myself the 4 following questions.

Who am I?

To answer this question, I reflect on what’s important for me, what drives me. I defined a set of values that are my North star.

Where am I?

The best moment to be alive for me is when I am alive. I acknowledge that being at this period of time is where I will build the most impact that I can witness.

Why am I here?

I believe that we are all here for a reason. I could just let the other define that reason for me. Or I can take the matter into my hands and accept that I can also contribute to this world.

What do I intend to do about it?

My intention is to not be an accumulation of warning messages and bit errors. I know that those messages are here to help me improve my system and learn from it.

This is my BITE (Built-In Test Earth being) ritual that I perform regularly through journaling.

I log my faults in my journal and review them regularly to learn and improve.

When was the last BITE test in your life? Leave a comment below.

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You can read my previous article on How do you feel about being an LRU? (Medium)

Photo by NESA by Makers on Unsplash



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