What’s your life profile look like?

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Continuing on the analogy of the science of flight and life, today I would like to share the concept of your life profile.

When an airplane goes from one airport A to the next airport B, the captain takes a route from A to be.

And for all flights, the profile of the root is similar to the one below:

The different steps can be summarised as below:

For most of us, our life has a very similar route profile and can be depicted as below:

As long as we enter in life, we spend our childhood being prepared for adult life. Once we are adults, we get in line in a regular job, saving for our retirement. Before this hypothetical retirement, we have a phase where we are “seniors”, reminiscing the past glory and feeling like we do not fit in this new world.

Then, if we are lucky, we retire and die.

Quite a dark view, isn’t it?

This was my perspective in life until some years ago, when I had a wake up call.

I was in my routine and doing business as usual. Then I was diagnosed with spondyloarthritis and had to stay one week at home because I could not walk.

That week at home, I took the time to reflect on what I would like my life to look like, what legacy I would like to leave behind.

I believe that we can add a layer above the initial layer with the 3 “I”:

Of course the 3 phases are not as linear as below and can overlap.

What kind of life profile do you have? Leave a comment below.

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Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

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