Why are Black people always in the Bcc field of the email of History?

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9 min readJun 10, 2020
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My Gmail Inbox, somewhere in the cloud, sometime in the past.

Me: No, not again!

Sender 01: Please remove me from this distribution list!

Sender 02: Stop doing reply to all!

Me: I have nothing to do with the future of facility management in Airbus!

My inbox is blinking like the flashlights of a firefighting truck!

Oh 100 emails, in just 30 minutes, about facility management!

Sender 143: The next person who does reply to all will be fired!

Me: Dude, did you just do a reply to all to ask people to stop hitting the “reply to all” button?

We all have made that mistake to let the trainee send that email on behalf of our department to share how we care about facility management.

Or often, with good intentions, we use the company wide distribution list to send a newsletter and we opened the manheim of the “reply to all” thread in our work inboxes.

Hopefully in Gmail or in Outlook, there are ways to ignore those emails.

But did you know that this can be prevented in the first place by using just one field ?

I am sure we all are familiar with the 2 main fields to use when sending emails: the “To” field and the “Cc” field.

The “To” field is the list of main recipients who either have to act on the information you are sharing or are the main people that must receive the information.

The “Cc” field is the list for people who might need to know about the information you are sharing and don’t necessarily need to act on it.

Well, at least, this is my understanding.

Then you have that one hidden field, which is not known to many people, the “Bcc” field.

For those of us who are newbies on the subject, below is the definition of this “Bcc” field:

Blind carbon copy (abbreviated Bcc) allows the sender of a message to conceal the person entered in the Bcc field from the other recipients. This concept originally applied to paper correspondence and

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