Why have 5 ways to RESET your clock daily?

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“Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again?” is the best line of comedy in the British TV comedy show The IT Crowd.

If you haven’ watched it, you should definitely. ANd if you are a geek like myself, or working at the IT department in some big corporations, you will definitely relate.

Here below are some of these moments:

I have been working in Airbus Customer Support for Cabin Engineering. One of my missions is to support our customers, the operators/airlines, to have their aircraft working properly so that they can fly you, me, safely all around the world.

We have a lot of manuals to troubleshoot issues impacting systems in the aircraft. In a lot of those steps to resolve the issue, the first step is to “turn it off and on again” or reset the system.

Be it our laptops, our smartphones, our internet boxes, the systems in aircraft or satellites, the RESET function is the first step before any further trouble shooting.

Why is it that the RESET function is so important for computers?

While functioning on a daily basis, all those systems accumulate a lot of faults. Those faults can be self-generated or be the results of other malfunctioning from other systems.

Those faults accumulate into the memory of the system, the RAM (Random Access Memory) system, which is used in real time to hold all the information needed for the system to work properly.

As everything in life, infinity only exists in the universe of our minds. On Earth, the computer has a limited RAM. If the computer has the RAM full with error codes, it cannot work properly.

This is where the RESET function comes in. By default it is one of the steps of auto-diagnosis of all systems.

The RESET function will purge the RAM from all eros and make free space for the system to work properly, erasing any spurious faults or any error message that is no more relevant.

Why is it that the RESET function is so important for Humans?

We, Humans, also have our own RAM, which is our mind. On a daily basis, we interact with people or we have thoughts in our head, clashing with our values.

Our brain has inspired computers with all the syspases and the flow of information.

We have also in our brain and our mind an accumulation of faults, systems errors. And if we don’t take time to purge our system daily, we are at risk of facing a system overflow.

You can find lot of ways to RESET your function like with the The 20/20/20 Formula by Robin Sharma below:

I would like to share with you the 5 ways I use to RESET my system daily. To RESET my brain and my mind, I apply the 5 following steps:

Let’s dive in on each step.

1. Reflect everyday

I did not use to reflect everyday. I felt like I was lost without knowing where to go. I was doing a lot of things sometimes. Most of the time I was not doing anything.

3 years ago I started journaling twice a day, first thing in the morning and last thing before going to bed.

In my journal I take time to be grateful for what I have, to set an objective for the day, to explore my emotions, to express my consciousness freely, and to capitalize on the lessons in my life.

By doing it in the morning, journaling helps me be more focused with a daily objective, avoiding distractions.

By doing it at the end of the day, I reflect on my day, my small victories, my shortcomings and what I can learn from it.

At the end of the day, I unload my mind and put everything on paper. I feel free and have more space to welcome new things.

2. Exercise everyday

I used to say to my friends: “The time you take for exercising is lost because you can not claim it back.” Then 5 years ago, my back started hurting and the physiotherapist told me that I have to reinforce my abdominal belt if I want to relieve the pain.

Then I was forced to exercise to avoid pain. 3 years ago, I added daily exercising in the morning after the night to stretch my back in the morning. I feel more energized when I exercise in the morning.

A month ago I was still feeling back pain during the night despite the morning exercise. By discussing with some colleagues, they suggested some stretching in the evening before going to bed.

Since I started the “before bed” stretching, I feel no more back pain during the night. To me all the long nights of sleep to recharge my batteries.

Exercising regularly has a lot of benefits for our body and our mind. It helps relieve the tensions building up in our bodies. Doing it daily is a way of resetting our body.

3. Share one thing everyday

Each day at work since 2017, I share an African proverb, disseminating African wisdom to my Airbus colleagues. From 2019, I am part of the Airbus Elevate program on LinkedIn where I have access to articles that I can share daily on the platform.

I have been blessed with fatherhood since the 28th of January 2020. Each day, I share some moments with my son Noah, Ali.

The machines can only reset by erasing. We, the Humans, can reset in so many different ways. We can reset by contributing and adding to this world.

By sharing, my intention is to add a part of me in this world, in my son’s world. I feel valued and this builds into my self-worth when I see that my actions are making a change at least within my sphere of influence.

Each One teach One” is one of my mottos in life. Positive energy coming from contributing to the world helps me reset my mind by filling my bucket with great moments, great memories.

4. Explore new territories daily

“We all don’t have equal opportunities, yet we all have the opportunity to be better today than we were yesterday.”

My GranPa

I have always been a curious mind. Wanting to know the magic of flying is what brought me to work at Airbus today. I am not an expert in Finite Elements modeling. I am not an expert in Flight physics. I am not an expert in systems and equipment troubleshooting. Yet I can talk to anyone about those subjects because I love learning.

Each day at work, when I arrive, the first hour of my day is dedicated to learning new things. I don’t read my emails. I have disabled notifications on my phone or in the laptop. No distractions. I ingest new material, boring technical documentation about the systems I am responsible for. I also learn about the systems my colleagues are responsible for. This is my secret weapon to have a leg start. While others are distracted by emails, smartphones notifications, I am feeding my mind with novel material.

Exploring new territories daily is learning daily for me. I learn about my job, I learn about my company. I learn new skills about storytelling, video editing and live streaming on Youtube. I read other people’s books to compress time, and learn from their mistakes.

Having a growth mindset reset my limiting beliefs about what I cannot or can achieve in this world.

5. Think about death daily

“Death is very likely the single best invention of life.”

Steve Jobs

This is a quote from his Stanford commencement speech. I encourage you to watch the full speech below (it will be worth your time):

For me, we have 2 equalizers in life, and they are the most powerful ones in the universe: Death and time.

We all have 86400 seconds every day, from the wealthiests in this world to those who are living with less than a dollar a day.. As far as I remember, there is no machine that you can go to and buy some more time. If such a machine existed, I guess the richest man on Earth today, Jeff Bezos, would go and buy more of it.

Death is the ultimate equalizer. It does not distinguish between the king, the president, the father, the mother, the young child. It can reach you, if your time comes, no matter where you are hiding with the latest security systems we know today. We cannot negotiate with it, there is no bargaining, no bribing, no privilege.

Thinking about death every day helps me reset my mind about all those small things that, when put in face of my death, seem so insignificant.

Everyday, when I wake up, each time I breath, every second I take, somebody is having their last wake up today, their last breath, their last second on this Earth.

These are the 5 ways of resetting my life that I apply everyday. They help me cut the unnecessary, focus on what really matters, stay healthy, build new skills and contribute to this world, every single day of my life, until death knocks at my door.

What are your tips to resetting yourself?

Are you letting the faults Error Codes accumulate in your system?

When was the last time you hit the reset button?

Leave a comment below.

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