Why should you be an OCC and not an occurrence?

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I joined Airbus Customer Support engineering services just 2 years ago. I was coming from 10 years of working on how to develop the best structures to withstand you and your luggage when you board on an aircraft.

What it meant was that I was working on developing lightweight structures with new and innovative technologies and with new methods of numerical simulation.

Working on such topics, I was far from the final product and our customers.

This was what drove me to join the customer support department, to be more close to the in service reality.

An aircraft is the safest way to travel in the world, compared to any other means of transport.

And the aviation industry is working every single day to make aircraft, in every aspect, safer and safer.

Read the following article for more information:How Do People Survive Plane Crashes?

This includes safety in the design, safety in the production, safety in the operations, safety in the maintenance, safety in the documentations published and safety in the training of pilots and cabin crews and airport ground servicing people.

As part of this safety loop, the airlines are required to report any event in the field where equipment or a system is not as per design. This includes also any human error that could lead to a potential safety issue.

How does it work?

Each time that an event happens in the field and which meets some safety criteria already established, the airline has to report to the aircraft manufacturer via what is called an occurrence.

An occurrence is an event for an aircraft in service which has to be analysed and if required leads to a product improvement for both in service aircraft and those in production.

In our jargon, we call occurrences an OCC as in OCCurrence.

Then you might argue that you don’t understand the subject of this article: Why should you be an OCC and not an occurrence?

Yes I just said that it is the same. So what the heck then? Subject closed and move on.

Not quite, my friends. Let me explain.

Most of my life has been a succession of occurrences, events that happened to me. I was just an observer, on the sidelines of my life..

For a long time, I did not take any action regarding those occurrences.

I might fail at a job interview. I might fail at a relationship. I might not get promoted.

Well I failed in a lot of job interviews. I broke up with a lot of people and a lot of people broke up with me also. I was not promoted for quite a few times.

In moso those events, I failed twice. First I failed to learn the lesson. Second, I did not not take action if I learned anything.

Being an occurrence is being passive for me. It’s always waiting for an external force to come and save me. Clearly I was not going anywhere with this mindset. And I might have drifted from occurrence to occurrence my whole life.

Hopefully 3 years ago, I had a wake up call. I was diagnosed with spondylarthrite. My right leg articulation at the hip area was so much hurting that I could not walk.

I had to stay at home for one week. This was where I started a reflection on what was important for me. And clearly I was not adding enough value to the world.

Most importantly, I was not adding value to my life, full stop.

I decided that I would move from an occurrence being to being an OCC.

For me OCC stands for:

Being an OCC means for me to create new things that did not exist in this world. Well they might have existed in my head at least.

And I always strive to bring in this world things that will add value to 3 areas of my life.

1. Adding value personally

I am an OCC in my personal life because I learn new things every day. And I will always have a quick win for each day.

The best way for me to create original content personally is first to learn and then apply what I have learned immediately.

I will always develop habits to be more efficient during my days and to make toom to be with my loved ones.

2. Adding value professionally

I am an OCC in my job because I am a solution finder, always trying to implement small improvements in the ways we work. I share tips and tricks with my colleagues.

I use my skills on and off the job to make my working days more meaningful.

I am part of the AIrbus Africa Community, one of the many ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) at Airbus: Balance For Business — Working for Airbus

I am doing video interviews of my colleagues in a series called Chillaxing With Mad. I am running the 3rd season of the vlogs.

3. Adding value publicly

Being an OCC publicly is to find ways to add value beyond my personal and professional lives.

I am sharing my story to inspire the next generations of Senegalese and African leaders to fulfill their own potential and bring the digital revolution in the continent.

I am writing articles on this platform in the intention to contribute my own words to the story of the world.

Switching my mindset to all be focused on creating original content forces me to innovate and to not be trapped in the recurrence of m-always doing the same thing.

Often in life, we satisfy ourselves with the “copy & paste” mentality. In some areas of our life, it saves time and energy. However I believe that it must never become the rule.

I use a slightly different approach: copy, add value and pass to the next person. Hence I moved from “copy/paste” to “copy/pass”. I cannot pass the content I copied from someone else.

Yet I can copy different content from different people, process it to add my own content and then pass it to the next individual. And the process is repeated indefinitely. Each person is adding value at each step, making the final result always better and more unique.

This is the way for me to take the feedback from the occurrence, and as in the aviation industry, use it to create original content, which has the memory of the occurrence embedded.

What is your approach to original content?

What are you doing to add value personally, professionally and publicly?

Leave a comment below.

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