With this simplified IKIGAI diagram for content creators, you will know how to harness the power of your hobby.

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If you are a content creator like me, you may have struggled to strike the right balance on your craft.

Indeed there are 3 forces involved. I call them the “Creator IKIGAI’’ diagram.


First, I am sure that you may have heard about looking for our true purpose in life.

No, this is not about the Golden circle or Simon Sinek and finding your purpose in life.

Most of us spend our life with the feeling that we are not on the right mission.

The Japanese have worked on that. And they came with the IKIGAI diagram.

Ikigai (生き甲斐, “a reason for being”) is a Japanese concept referring to having a direction or purpose in life, providing a sense of fulfillment and towards which they the person may take actions, giving them satisfaction and a sense of meaning.”

Source Wikipedia

There are four areas that we can focus on in life:

Our mission in life is at the intersection of what we love and what the world needs.

Our vocation in life is to interact with what the world needs and what we can be paid for.

Our profession in life is where we can be paid for what we are good at.

Our passion in life is where we practice what we are good at and what we love.

Our IKIGAI is where our passion, our profession, our vocation, and our mission meet, the sweetest spot of all the other four precious places.

For me, trying to make those 4 circles intersect as in the diagram below is a life journey.

IKIGAI © Credits The Grenn Bee

I will go as far as to say that the areas of intersection evolve as I go on this journey of self-discovery.

I see the IKIGAI as an ideal to strive for and not one destination to reach in my life.


Many of us build side hustles with social platforms like Youtube, Medium, or Tik Tok to complement our 9 to 5.

Some people often make the big jump and become content creators full-time.

The appeal of creating content that can go viral and makes us rich is strong.

Yet often, most content creators or entrepreneurs end up with burn-out and failing to reach their financial freedom goals.

What if there was a diagram for content creators to help us find our creator IKIGAI?

Fig. Creator’s IKIGAI
Fig. Creator’s IKIGAI

It does exist and has only 3 circles intersecting:

It is a simplified version of the broader IKIGAI diagram.

PASSION — This is what we love doing, even if we are not paid for it.

For me, it is creating videos, writing articles, and everything related to storytelling and making an impact.

PROFICIENCY — This is where we do things efficiently. We can assimilate it as a workflow state.

When writing articles, for example, I have my 3 bullet points on my Google Keep. I wait for the boys to nap. I sit and let the words flow through my fingers.

PROFIT — This is where we can have a living for what we do. We can generate revenue from our actions.

For me today, it is solely from my work. I am building some side hustles. Yet they don’t generate income, for the moment.

Fig. Creator’s IKIGAI: Passion, Proficiency, and Profit.
Fig. Creator’s IKIGAI: Passion, Proficiency, and Profit.

A hobby is where our passion meets our proficiency.

Boredom is when we solely focus on profit and proficiency.

Failure is the result of passion and profit not working together.

Fig. Creator’s IKIGAI: Hobby, Boredom, and Failure.
Fig. Creator’s IKIGAI: Hobby, Boredom, and Failure.

As a content creator, today, I am not making any profit from my passion and proficiency. Indeed I am not trying to monetize my work.

I am still struggling to make the 3 circles intersect.

I am working on it. I believe that the profit will come after I master the proficiency to serve my passion.


In the end, every model is just that: a model.

A model always lives in a perfect world where all the parameters are perfectly aligned.

There are no external forces, no time effect, and no need for any energy to sustain the model through space.

As humans, our lives are complicated. We live in an environment that we have almost no control over.

We evolve. Our needs, our desires, and our energy are flickering more than the stars in the universe every single day.

We have to keep that in mind.

For me, be it the life or creator IKIGAIs, I use them as my North Star.

Often I will sit down and reflect. I will assess my life against my life IKIGAI.

I will assess my creator’s journey against my creator IKIGAI.

I will notice the gaps. I will search for understanding their root causes.

I will assess the energy I need to go there. I will harness the power around me.

I will move on, knowing that I am not perfect. So neither is my life or my creator’s journey.

Yet having those 2 models in my head always guides me in the right direction.

How far are you from finding your life IKIGAI?

Are you on a creator journey?

Are you using your resources wisely?

Leave a comment below.

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