You want to tell a story, and you don’t know where to start? Explore the 4 following areas of the human experience to find inspiration.

“The wise man listens to meaning. The fool only gets the noise.”

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

I have been writing regularly for more than 2 years. However, there have been moments where I am feeling like I have nothing to write about.

I am not saying that I have written about all human experience that is there.

Today is one of these days. My kids are sleeping. My wife is watching TV.

As I am sitting in front of my computer, I am scrolling through my Google Keep notes.

I am not really inspired by writing. Maybe it is because I spent the last week watching videos on Youtube from the scariest guy telling stories there: Mr Ballen.

As I am writing these words, I was Covid-19 positive mid of September 2021.

Even though I was double vaccinated, I got it through my older son Noah-Ali who got it from kindergarten.

Some parents were positive and did not want to test their kids.

Or maybe they did not have any other means to take care of their children, so they still decided to bring them to kindergarten.

Long story short, I was on medical leave. My wife and my younger son were negative. So with the 4 of us staying at home, I had to take care of my son Noah.

In our house, I was isolated most of the week on the first floor, where the rooms of our sons Noah and Elijah are.

Noah slept in his room, and I squatted in Elijah’s room as he was sleeping downstairs in our bedroom while my wife was camping in the living room.

Youtube suggested MrBallen’s videos, and I started watching them. Some of them were just some not-so-scary stories.

But most of his videos are scary as hell. And he has excellent storytelling skills that hook me in his 30 to 45 minutes videos.

I consume his content because he tells stories that make me scared.

I remember one story of a guy who went camping alone and was followed and stalked by a weird guy in a remote area for 3 days.

I did not sleep well that night because he scared the hell out of me.

Yet, I still went back to MrBallen’s Youtube channel, and I am consuming more of his content.

As I wonder why I consume his content again, and again, I think it comes down to the fact that all the stories are about human experience in the 4 following areas:

  • Pain,
  • Fear,
  • Hopes,
  • Dreams.

Even though all the stories in his channel are about tragic deaths, serial killers, and paranormal activities, he manages to hit often one or several of the four above aspects of the human experience.

If you want to tap into stories that will resonate with your audience, make sure to hit at least one of the domains above.

The reason is that those 4 areas are universal themes of the human experience, no matter where we are, how old we are.

This article is just about my fear of running out of ideas to share, connected to the fact that I am binging MrBallen’s videos because they elicit fear within me.

PAIN — Every human being has experienced or will experience pain, no doubt about that. Pain is part of life’s experience.

Most of us are trying to live a pain-free life. This is just impossible. One simple reason is that life is not happening for us or against us. It just happens.

Often we have this vision of what life should be. And often, we are met with a bad taste of pain as life shatters our expectations.

What are the painful experiences you have been through? How did it make you feel? How did those experiences shape the person you are today?

FEAR — We all have fears as far as we can remember. First, it was the monster in our closet when we were young. Then it might be the fear of not fitting in because we are different.

Fear can take infinite forms and shapes. Fear might have stopped us from taking a leap of faith to our next life-defining moment.

Fear is the feeling that will ultimately leave us with regret as we look back because we will see that it was all in our head, eventually.

What are your top 5 fears today? How did you shatter a fearful blockage to become the person you wanted to be? How did you overcome your fear and jump into the void of greatness?

HOPES — We often hope for the best in life. Some of us might have felt hopeless and taken our lives to alleviate the pain.

We are full of hope when we are young. But, as we get older, other people’s opinions fool us into becoming hopeless people.

We become homeless in our minds, and we wander hopelessly until death comes knocking at our door.

What are your hopes in life? How did they help you hang in there while you were at rock-bottom? How do you use hope as fuel to get you out of a difficult situation?

DREAMS — We all have dreams in life. Some of us want to be famous; others want to be rich. Others want to fly to the stars. Some of us just want to have an everyday life.

No matter where we are on this tiny rock we call Earth, each of us has more dreams than grains of sand on this same planet.

Dreams are what brought us to the moon, what shaped the world as it is today. We all navigate our life guided by our dreams to become more, to achieve more, and have more impact, or not.

What dreams are driving you today? How are you acting on your dreams to make them a reality? What challenges are you facing as you are moving towards your dream life?

Each time we want to tell a story about our life experiences, we can tap into our pain, fear, hopes, and dreams.

We can even tap into the same areas in our community, our era, and beyond.

If you ever found yourself out of ideas to share, ask yourself the following questions:

What was the last painful experience that would be worth sharing?

What was the last fear I conquered to become a better version of myself today?

What are the hopes driving me forward today in my life?

What dreams did I materialize into my life, and how?

I am sure that you will find plenty of stories worth sharing if you answer those questions.

Today I was not inspired to write. And my fear of not writing is the reason that I wrote this article.

Tapping into pain, fear, hopes, and dreams is not only a great source of inspiration, but it is also a great way to write stories that will echo into eternity.

What are your sources of inspiration when creating content?

How do you fight your creator’s block?

How do you come up with stories consistently?

Leave a comment below.

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