Ze AMC’s Breaking Brave, or How 2020 is a metaphor for my life in a nutshell. Say Hi to Alter Black.

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5 min readDec 19, 2020

Walter White is a regular chemistry teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is locked in his routine until cancer knocks on his door.

This is the wake-up call for him to go fulfill his passion for chemistry. He will turn out to be a great king-pin in the drugs industry as Heisenberg. Yes, say his name “Heisenberg!”

Alter Black is a regular employee in a big corporation in PinkTown, Old Gaule. He is locked in his routine until Covid19 knocks on the door of his life.

This is a wake-up hole for him to try to dig himself out of this mystery. He will turn out to be a great spin-king in the thugs’ chemistry as Hopesenjerk. No, forget his name “Hopesenjerk!”

Breaking Bad is one of the best TV shows in my wall of fame, with The Wire and Oz. All those TV shows explore the change that characters are forced to embrace in a new environment for them to survive, and ultimately to thrive. For good or worse, it depends on which perspective you are looking at it from.

Breaking Bad was a TV show produced by AMC Networks, standing for American Movie Classic. They gave life to the character of Walter White.

In this article, we will explore the life of Alter Black, the alter ego of Walter White, in a reality show called Breaking Brave, produced by Ze AMC, a homonym of the real AMC Networks.

Before learning more about Alter Black and how he turned great, compared to Watler White, who turned bad, let’s just drop a few words about Ze AMC.

Ze AMC was founded by EpicZeGenius, a feel and suffer guy from the old ages before Black Jesus came to this universe.

EpicZeGenius built his life around 3 pillars:

EpicZeGenius founded his company Ze AMC as a reminder of the 3 things he built his life around: Amor Fati, Memento Mori, Carpe Diem. He produced only one TV show: Breaking Brave, a story about his best friend, Alter Black. It is said that he was a great inspiration to Epictetus, one…



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